callas pdfToolbox 5.3.150 is out!

Today callas pdfToolbox is the easiest yet most powerful PDF preflight and correction application on the market. Problem files can be fixed during preflight or with a click of the button in the Switchboard. Flattening transparency, converting fonts to outlines, inserting trim and bleed boxes to match printer marks, converting office documents or even PostScript files directly into PDF, comparing versions of PDF files, visualizing ink coverage… no task is too difficult for callas pdfToolbox.

Version 5.3.150

Release date: 2011-10-21

Update of pdfToolbox 5 Desktop free of charge for owners of a pdfToolbox 5 Desktop license


New check to find ligatures [CA1020734]
Japanese language support
Rendering images based on page geometry boxes or custom boxes
Extended fixups
Scale pages with more options
Split PDF: new tokens for file names [FP16756]
Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library 9.1 integrated
MacOS X Lion support


Improvement with “Ignore objects outside” in a check that is used in fixup [FP6381]
“Light object set to overprint” does only affect vector objects [FP6783]

Downsample / Compress Color/Grayscale Images [FP7403, FP16455, FP16591, FP16693, FP7297]
Flatten transparency [FP6824, FP7080, CA1020657]
Fonts to outlines [FP7075]
Subset fonts [FP16486]
Scale pages
Executed now after downsampling of images [FP6042]
Problem solved where scaling down did not properly work [CA1020756]
Convert colors
Problem solved where not all spot colors were converted properly [CA1020424]
Problem solved where office documents were not handled properly [FP16655]
Problem solved where DeviceN colorants were not converted when using RegEx [CA1020716]
Map spot and process colors [CA1020652, FP6591]
Manage colors [FP16771]
Force blend color space [FP6343]
Set ICC profile for Output Intent [FP7381]
Set overprint and knockout [FP6510]
Overprint black
Problem solved where white text disappeared [FP7245; FP16467]
Flatten annotations and form fields
Problem solved with flattening of checkboxes [FP6903]
Discard hidden layer content and flatten invisible layers [FP7086]

XML: Problem solved where special characters were not handled properly [FP16654]
XML: If fonts cannot be embedded fonts they are reported in the fixups details [CA1020827]

Problem solved where damaged PDF with unrecognized token may be created [CA1020739]
Problem solved where an image as input and an additional pre-processing-profile results in no output [CA1020828]
Problem solved where pre-processing-profiles containing only checks (are not supported here) resulted in an error [FP7372]

Problem solved where an inactive PDF-version setting did not avoid performing automatic checks [CA1020839]
Problem solved where OpenType fonts are flagged within PDF 1.6 (Acrobat 7) [FP16742]
Problem solved in PDF/X-4 validation [FP7239, FP6583]
Problem solved where PDF/VT validation failed caused by multiple referenced XObjects [FP7125]

Imppose: Problem solved where imposing a booklet created missing/shifted page [FP16589]
Office conversion: Problem solved where PowerPoint message interrupted processing [FP7254]

Action “Create PDF”: Problem solved where processing an TIFF ended with warning [CA1020828]
Action “Create PDF”: Problem solved where images did not keep their original resolution [CA1020816]
Action “Save as image”: Output will also get a suffix number if source PDF contains only one page [CA1020830]
Action “Save as image”: Problem solved where rendering intent was not respected
Action “Save as image”: Problem solved where colorspace could not be combined with simulation profile

Problem solved where plugins on Linux were not always found [CA1020484]
Improvements for Linux x64 [FP7197, FP16548, FP7220]
Improved handling of locked files [CA1020825]
Files handling [FP7175; FP7263]
Improved handling for invalid or encrypte PDF files [CA1017995, CA1019727, CA1020706]
Problem solved when more than one image uses one softmask [CA1019329]
Problem solved with handling of very small arrays within PDF [CA1020540, CA1020831]

Mac: [url][/url] [358 MB]
Win: [url][/url] [138 MB]