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Thread: Scitex Dolev 800V Errors

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    Question Scitex Dolev 800V Errors

    Hi, This is Remo from south India. For the past two weeks we are having following errors.

    1. Laser Over Power
    2. Spiral Over Flow
    3. Communication Error.

    we are using PSM 7.0 for plotting and ripping. Can any one help us to overcome the errors. I have searched on google, but could not find the sufficient information about the errors.


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    Junior Member halftone is on a distinguished road
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    Your problem is caused by the following:
    1. Wiring
    2. Data Cable
    3. Host Data Source Board
    4. CRI Board

    1. Reduce Spinner speed.
    2. Reboot system and expose file again.
    3. Check cable connections.
    4. Verify that Data Cable between Host and Plotter is connected and grounded.
    5. Check Host Data Source board and replace if required.
    6. Check CRI board.

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    Junior Member subramani is on a distinguished road
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    problem has solved

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