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Thread: Kodak Magnus 800 Wiring Schematics

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    Kodak Magnus 800 Wiring Schematics

    Kodak confidental service manual.

    Download Link:
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    Wiring schematics
    The wiring schematic part numbers correspond to the part numbers on each wiring harness label.

    Alignment system
    220-00595A Centering harness (pdf)
    220-00963A Edge detection cable (pdf)
    220-01301A Stepper motor wiring (pdf)

    Autoloader E-box
    220-00898A (pdf)
    220-00912A (pdf)
    220-01260A (pdf)
    220-01912A (pdf)

    Alignment system
    220-00595A Centering harness (pdf)
    220-00963A Edge detection cable (pdf)
    220-01301A Stepper motor wiring (pdf)

    Detectors and sensors
    220-00908A Vacuum pump wiring (pdf)
    220-00909A Air valve harness (pdf)
    220-00979A Safety interlock switch wiring (pdf)
    220-01288A Analog pressure sensor (pdf)
    220-01939A Pressure sensor cable (pdf)

    Loading platform
    220-00597A Load harness (pdf)
    220-01918A Load tray (pdf)

    Main harness
    220-00967A Frame right harness (pdf)
    220-00968A Frame left harness (pdf)

    220-00593A Main harness (pdf)
    220-01052A On switch (pdf)
    220-01290A UDRC cable (pdf)
    220-01341A Conveyor cable (pdf)
    220-01910A Main harness (pdf)

    Motors and fans
    220-00906A Radiator fan wiring (pdf)
    220-00907A Vacuum pump contact wiring (pdf)
    220-00910A Water pump wiring (pdf)
    220-00913A Fan wiring (pdf)
    220-00914A Fan wiring (pdf)
    220-00944A Motor wiring (pdf)
    220-00954A Blower wiring (pdf)
    220-00961A Fan wiring (pdf)
    220-01251A Drum motor wiring (pdf)
    220-01501A Fan wiring (pdf)
    220-01502A Radiator fan 2 wiring (pdf)
    220-01940A Pressure sensor wiring (pdf)

    220-00596A Optomech harness (pdf)
    220-00945A Sensor harness (pdf)
    220-00958A Balance weight detector cable (pdf)
    220-00959A Balance weight detector wiring (pdf)
    220-00962A Drum registration harness (pdf)
    220-01462A Flyoff jumper (pdf)
    220-01464A Balance detector adapter (pdf)
    220-01927A Optomech harness (pdf)

    Platesetter E-box
    220-00592A E-box harness (pdf)
    220-00599A Power box AC distribution (pdf)
    220-00946A 24V PS wiring (pdf)
    220-00947A 48V 400W PS wiring (pdf)
    220-00948A PS 48V wiring (pdf)
    220-00976A Defeater (pdf)
    220-00978A Internal defeater box (pdf)
    220-01131A IU MSB CAN cable (pdf)
    220-01132A AL MSB CAN cable (pdf)
    220-01133A TMCE COM 7 cable (pdf)
    220-01134A TMCE COM cable (pdf)
    220-01250A Kollmorgen wiring (pdf)
    220-01302A Carriage amp power (pdf)
    220-01351A Brake resistor wiring (pdf)
    220-01911A E-box harness (pdf)
    220-01913A 24V PS (pdf)

    Punch system
    220-00594A Punch harness (pdf)

    Unloading platform
    220-00598A Unload detector harness (pdf)
    220-01253A Unload harness (pdf)

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    You will not have the diagram for the Magnus 400 or at least the wiring diagram power distribution board?


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