Wireshark Nerk Forensics & Security With Tools
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Genre: Video Training
This course focuses on nerk forensics including capture locations, stealth-mode capture,optimal capture and display filters, validating encrypted logins, identifying reconnaissance processes, locating header and payload signatures, catching penetration tests, malware behavior, backdoor communications and virus traffic.

Recommended prerequisite knowledge:

Basic security knowledge (resources, viruses, worms, denial of service)

Basic and advanced nerk compnts (hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, IDS)

Very strong knowledge of Wireshark functionality and features


Capture filters and methods

Packet details (TCP/IP protocols and applications)

Display filtering on protocol or field or bit value

Search by display filter, hex value or string

Basic Wireshark graphs and tables (IO, conversations, endpoints)

Advanced Wireshark graphs (CALC, SEQ/ACK, RTT)

Save packets based on filters, markers or range value

Very strong knowledge of TCP/IP protocol and application functionality

Port usage and resolution

Name resolution (nerk and hardware address) and route resolution

ICMP functionality (packet structure, functionality)

TCP functionality (handshake, fault tolerance, recovery)

DNS functionality (address lookup, errors)

IP functionality (addressing, fragmentation)

ARP functionality (structure, functionality)

Follow TCP Streams

Expert Info/Expert Info Composite interpretation

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