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Hack & Slash is a Unity3d tutorial series with focus on creating a basic, but playable RPG style game. We will start with a few basic scripts to get use to C# scripting, but then gradually go deeper into the language as we learn such topics as Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

At the end of this basic set of tutorials, we will have a decent solo playable rpg style of game that can be played on the web with Unity3D's web player, or as a stand alone version.

During the advanced set of tutorials, we will be looking at ways to add a multi-player element to our game. This phase should include a lobby system, and a way to instantiate small worlds to hold a small group of three to five players.

Currently at the time of this writing, the client will be created in C# using Unity3d. The server is still up for grabs, but the two big contenders are Photon and SmartFox Server Pro. As we get closer to the second phase, the pros and cons of both back-end server technologies will be reassessed before a final decision will be made.

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