TutsPlus - Techniques for Refactoring Code
English | Author: Patkos Csaba | Duration: 3h 35m 58s | Realease Date: March 12, 2013
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Most code will degrade in quality over time. Each addition and change will destroy a bit of the original design, which, itself,may not have been well conceived. Refactoring is a set of techniques, procedures and steps to keep your source code as clean aspossible. Clean code, on the other hand, describes how well-written code should look in ideal conditions. In a pragmatic sense,
all refactoring represents simple steps toward clean code.I invite you to join me in this course, and learn the basics of refactoring and clean code.

Techniques For Refactoring Code - 3h 35m 58s
Introduction to Refactoring and Clean Code - 2m 46s
Getting The Legacy Source Code And Preparing The Project - 4m 16s
Understanding The Legacy Source Code - 21m 24s
The Golden Master - 15m 54s
Basic Code Formatting 11m 48s
Replace Magic Numbers And Strings With Explaining Variables - 18m 44s
Rename - 20m 42s
Eliminate Interface Pollution - 8m 48s
Simplify Conditional Expressions - 11m 10s
Keep Methods Short - 12m 28s
Reduce Level Of Indentations Where Possible - 7m 28s
Remove Duplication - 30m 20s
Extract When A Method Does More Than Thing - 18m 14s
Extract Class To Avoid Crossing Multiple Layers - 30m 46s
Final Thoughts - 1m 10s


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