Travis Haley - Adaptive Carbine l 4.14 GB

Web-rip in FLV (flash) format 1080p
If anyone has any of the other Panteo videos, please post those as well. I'm particularly interested in the IDPA videos with Bob Vogel however would appreciate any other videos being posted

"Whether Military, Law Enforcement, responsible armed citizen or a competitor, this Adaptive Carbine training video is the first step in increasing a shooter's survivability. The basis comes from the history and evolution of weapons manipulation in disruptive environments and the adaptation of disruptive technologies. Any person that takes their shooting lifestyle seriously has to understand these disruptions and needs to keep an open mind in order to prevent an absolute mindset and/or negative training inertias.

Former Special Operations Veteran Travis Haley guides the beginner or advanced shooter on how to build a shooting platform - not only in the physical sense, but more importantly in the mental sense. Travis breaks down the basic fundamentals and incorporates mindset methodologies that allow you the opportunity to justify them for your shooting lifestyle."

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