Diane Lee - The Thorax: An Integrated Approach (2nd edition)
Published: 2003-01-01 | ISBN: 0973236302 | PDF / ISO | 144 pages | 9 MB / 314 MB

Acute and chronic thoracic pain is a common problem seen in orthopedic rehabilitation today. Currently, there is very little biomechanical or clinical research available for guidance in evaluation and treatment planning. The Thorax: An Integrated Approach presents an integrated model for understanding thoracic function. The principles of this model are derived from lumbopelvic research and provide a foundation from which the practicing clinician can evaluate and treat the thorax.
Included with this second edition is a CD-ROM containing video clips (no audio) of the assessment and treatment techniques as well as patient exercises. The assessment video clips include active and passive mobility and stability techniques. New techniques are presented to analyze the force closure mechanism (dynamic stability) of a thoracic segment. The classification of dysfunction within the thorax has been changed to follow the integrated model of function.
New intervention techniques are discussed and demonstrated via video clips on the CD-ROM showing passive and active mobilization and manipulation techniques for the thorax.
Over 140 photographs and illustrations with detailed descriptions of specific tests and mobility techniques. Full-motion video clips of tests, techniques and exercises are demonstrated on the enclosed CD-ROM.

*Table of Contents*
1. Anatomy of the Thorax
2. Principles of the Integrated Model of Dysfunction
3. Biomechanics of the Thorax
4. Diagnosing the Thoracic Dysfuntion
5. Classifying the Thoracic Dysfunction
6. Restoring Form Closure of the Thorax
7. Restoring Force Closure/Motor Control of the Thorax

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