1. Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 1 - Sketching to Plan (February 2007)
2. Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 2 - Logical Proportions (April 2007)
3. Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 3 - Unforgettable Characters (October 2007)
4. Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 4 - All About Perspective (November 2008)
5. Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 5 - Sketching Props (August 2009)

These books are no longer in print and the series has been canceled.

Personal Note:
Although manga, these books have a great worth of information not found in common manga books and/or general drawing books. They have helped me a great deal, I have them in physical copies. I personally find most anatomy books to be way too deep that the reader loses their original intention of opening the book; learning how to draw, not to become a anatomist. It's just my opinion.

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