Simple Pickup - Project GO, Month 11 + Live Events, Podcasts, Q&A
English | Video Training | 2.36 GB

Weekly Unedited, Uncut Pickup Video from Beginning to End with Our Analysis
No Gimmicks, No Ridiculous "GET HER NUMBER" objectives
Only Authentic, Natural Pickup (What We Do Off-Camera)
Hear and See Everything We Do (Confidential Information Withheld)
Be Inspired to Take Massive Action to Get What You Want in Life
Learn How to Almost Never Be at a Loss for Words (and What to Do When You Are)
Learn How to Get Comfortable with Fear and Rejection
Learn How to Handle Excuses and Anxiety Every Normal Person Experiences
No Actors. No scripts. Real People. Real Interactions.
We Approach Girls in Everyday Situations at Different Venues and Times of the Day
We Approach Girls on Streets, at Bars/Clubs, on Campuses, in Stores, at the Gym, Etc.
We Approach Girls Walking, Sitting, Standing, Shopping, Working, Dancing, Etc.
We Approach Girls Al, with Friends, with Parents, with Pets, Etc.
We Show You How to Get Numbers, Kisses, Dates, and Sex.
We Show How to Make Pickup Fun and Productive
No Fluff, No Theory, No BS -- Only Action and Applicable Indepth Analysis
Consistent, Regularly Scheduled High Quality Educational Content
100% Discrete and Confidential Payment (Charged as "SP SUB")
100% Secure Payment System
Cancel Your Subscription at Any Time for Any Reason
No BS Terms of Service and No Sketchy Contracts to Sign
Videos Will Never Be Published Anywhere Else (Not Uploaded on Youtube!)


March 21st Live Event
A Bootcamp With Jesse / Q&A
Flossing/ Q&A
Teasing/ Q&A
RolePlay/ Q&A


How to Kiss a Girl
Going Out Al
Girls in Other Countries

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