Shoemoney System
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This is the exact same 16 DVD training set and Home Study Guide that over 16,000 people have purchased for $549. It is a complete training program on making money on the internet with over 6 hours of content.

The Modules included in these high quality DVD's are:

Module 1 - The Building Blocks - The first module provides all the necessary building blocks to provide you a rock solid foundation in understanding the world of making money online.

Module 2 - Arbitrage - Where the world revolves. Arbitrage is the profit from a market imbalance. In this video, I show you tons of opportunities to make money with arbitrage and I actually walk you through me working with a person to make an incredible profit with no money at risk! Must see!

Module 3 - Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Marketing is pretty easy... when you understand the little things that make HUGE differences! A PERFECT compliment to the ACT!

Module 4 - Making Money With FaceBook We have been one of Facebook's biggest advertisers spending 60-90 THOUSAND dollars a day on their self serve platform. But we had to start some where! In this module I take you behind the scenes of real campaigns where we started with little money and ramped up to huge campaigns.

Module 5 - Building Your Brand - How do you build a brand? I show you how I built mine and walk you through the things you need to think about to build yours.

Module 6 - List building - How to do it - I have built a list of tens of thousands of quality users and also been able to monetize that list in the last couple years for millions of dollars. In this video I show you exactly what I do and also do interviews with some of the biggest email marketers in the industry.

Module 7 - Local Affiliate Marketing (the biggest opportunity out there) - In this module I show you what I believe is one of the biggest opportunities out there today. I work with a real business and show you how you can start making great money driving leads to them. This is a VERY in depth module and covers everything from how to approach clients to how to build great converting pages.

Module 8 - Building your own product - Watch over my shoulder as I create a website from scratch and sell it for over $40,000 in ONLY 7 days. This module is truly amazing!

Module 9 - Search Engine Optimization - We have dominated many niches in the world of SEO. In this module, I bring in world renown SEO guru Stephan Spencer to discuss everything you need to know to dominate your competition A-Z!!

Bonus Modules - In this bonus module, I take you behind the scenes of my most successful websites. How I built them, marketed them, and sold them. Many times for millions with VERY little investment.


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