Printed films are used in sensors, actuators, circuit compnts, heaters and solar cells. The goal for most applications is the creation of disposable devices on low cost flexible substrates while retaining yield, longevity and manufacturing ease. This book covers developments in printed films and the challenges, opportunities and progress towards new devices. Part focuses on the materials and properties of printed films, beginning with a review of the concepts, technologies and materials involved in their production and use. It then goes on to discuss printed films as electrical compnts and silicon metallization for solar cells, conduction mechanisms in printed film resistors and thick films in packaging and microelectronics. Part looks at the varied applications of printed films in devices. Chapters cover printed resistive sensors, the role of printed films in capcaitive, piezoelectric and pyroelectric sensors, mechanical micro-systesm and gas sensors. Other chapters review screen printing for the fabrication of solid oxide fuel cells and laser printed micro- and meso-scale power generating devices. Part concludes with an exploration of the applications of printed films in biosensors, actuators, heater elements, varistors and polymer solar cells.
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