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Thread: Pimp you Photoshop text

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    Pimp you Photoshop text

    Lets start out with everys favorite, a font NOT made by microsoft or apple.

    I use dafont.com a great site for fonts. Just watch out, the font names aren't going to be named 'digital font' just for our liking. They sometimes have really strange name, so search on google 'digital font' and you can most likely find that font your looking for. If not on dafont.com , theres other sites such as 1001freefonts.com
    urbanfonts.com or

    Sorry, downloading them isn't in this tutorial, but I'm sure you can find somewhere!

    Ok, lets get down to buisness. If you have photoshop opened while you download your font, well, dont make anything too nice because you need to re-open it for the font to be in your selection.

    Start with your document. Im just showing how to make them nice, so im not putting it on anything special. Just a nice 600x500 document

    Now, slect the font tool, and grab your font from the list. Im going to be using Visitor TT2 BBK (the digital font I mentid earlier)

    Now let me mention now, this font is naturally small, thats why the size is so large. 90 is going to be HUGE on fonts like Arial or New Times Roman (but who cares about those, am I right?)
    Now, unless you are making your document italic or bold, lets leave those al for now.

    Now, making your text box. All you have to do is click and drag your size. No worries, you can always make it bigger later if needed.

    Now, lets make our text. I'm making mine 'Pins222' your obviously not going to, but that would be kinda cool if you did :)

    Now, lets make this text PIMP

    The layer styles are the BEST part.
    Double click the layer in the right hand bottom corner, the layer should be named the text you have written.
    A box should pop up. With this box, makes the greatest text IN THE WORLD! (kinda)

    You should get that box, right there. Now, what you can do, is click on the checkmark on the list to add that effect. First off, Drop Shadow. That will give you the look as if the text had a shadow behind it. You can adjust how far the shadow will be from the text, the color of the shadow, and how large the shadow stretches by clicking on the name.
    Next, Inner Shadow this will give you the effect of a shadow inside of the text. As with drop shadow, you can adjust its properties.
    Next, Outer Glow of my personal favorites. I use Outer Glow in just about everything I make. Outer Glow will give your text a glow as if it is holy. You can adjust the color, bulkiness, and length. Another cool feature, the Noise. Increasing the Noise will make you glow look like a bunch of scattered dots, which is cool when you actully look on it (with the default color of the glow, which you should keep, its hard to see on white. If you want, create another image with a black background and get a better look at it.) Next, lets move to Inner Glow (any else seeing a pattern?) Inner glow will give you the effect of glow inside the text. Once again, you can edit it with the same properties of the Outer Glow. Next, probably my favorite and most overused, Bevel and Emboss This will give your text the effect of being 3d and coming off of your page, almost as Braille writing. Increasing the Softness will give it a softer 3d effect to it (no surprise) I always mess around with the softness. Im the kinda guy who likes the softness high, but its up to you for your liking. The size will effect how much it goes into the text. The depth is very much like the size, but will usually make it look shiny and harder when high. (please dont make a joke at that) Now, the Bevel and Embosses editors, Contour and Texture. These effects will allow you to make the text have a pattern to it.
    Now, we have Satin. Now, the Satin gives your text an interesting silky texture. Its fun to play around with, in some cases.
    Now, lets move to Color Overlay. It does just as it says, covers all your text with a color of your choice. No worries, you can edit the trasparrancy if you want it put still want to see your other hard work. Now, to get this quick, the next is Gradient Overlay, same thing as color just a gradient ( or more colors shading together)
    Now, how about Pattern Overlay You have ALOT of patterns, but no ever notices it. This will make your text have a pattern of your choice in it. (Please note I will be showing you a picture of all the effects in, except for these overlays. They really make it hard to see everything else.)
    Now, lets top it off with a Stroke No, not the thing that will send us to the hospital when were in our 50s, but a color surronding your text. You can edit the size and color.

    Now, that sums up the effects, lets take a look.

    Just the basics, so far. Now, lets warp your text.

    Click on the text tool again, and click in the middle of the text were editing. Now, at the top of your screen, past the text size, and color, there should be this little icon that looks like an arch with a T on top of it. Click that. Now, you should get a box with a drop down list.
    You will see a bunch of effects. Click that you wanna see, or experiment with all of them. You can edit how far out it bends, or how far in, or what side bends, and such. Thats a really fun tool.

    Well, thats all I'm gonna say for now, I hope you do really well with your text, and I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

    Now, with the effects (not including warp text) can be used on any of your other layers, not just the text. So, I guess you learned a little more than just text!

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