Oxford Aviation Training - Complete CBTs for PPL - 11 DVDs | 7.27 GB
10 courses and Bonus 01 DVD

Oxford Flying Club was officially opened by the Mayor of Oxford in 1939. However, its life was initially rather short, and as the country prepared for war, restrictions placed on civil flying quickly curtailed its activities. Resurrected in 1947 and renamed the Oxford Aeroplane club, it gradually increased its fleet and reputation and, by 1960, had made the important transition from a club for private pilots to a fully-fledged flying school geared to the training of professional pilots.

As the parent company, Oxford Aviation, expanded, so too did the training offered by the school, and by 1961, when it merged with the Pressed Steel Co to become British Executive Air Services Ltd, Oxford was firmly established as one of the UK’s leading Flight Training Schools. Dedicated ground school buildings and student residential accommodation on site were quickly provided, and the first fully integrated Commercial Pilot’s Licence and Instrument Rating courses began in May 1962.

In 1963, the BEAS Flying Training Division was renamed Oxford Air Training School and the rest, so they say, is history. Forty two years later, over twenty thousand trained commercial pilots and aircraft engineers have graduated from the School and can be found flying for many of the world’s leading airlines. Despite a change of name to Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) towards the end of the last decade, the quality and reputation of the training remains as high as ever and OAA is still universally recognised as one of the world’s premier Flight Training Organisations.

This course included:

PPL 1- Air Law & Operational Procedures.img 752 MB
PPL 2- Human Performance & Limitations.img 752 MB
PPL 3- Navigation & Radio Aids.img 752 MB
PPL 4- Aviation Meteorology.img 752 MB
PPL 5- Aircraft General & Principles of Flight.img 752 MB
PPL 6- Flight Performance & Planning.img 752 MB
PPL 7- The Navigation Computer.img 752 MB
PPL 8- Practical Flying Training.img 654 MB
PPL 9- The IMC Rating & Instrument Flying.iso 655 MB
PPL 10- Night Qualification.iso 109 MB
Bonus: VFR RT Communications.img 752 MB

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