Misc Ham Radio Books
English | PDF | 644 MB

A variety of ham radio related books

RSGB Technical Topics Scrapbook 1985-89.pdf (166MB)
RSGB - Amateur Radio Astronomy.pdf (102MB)
W1FB Design Notebook.pdf (58MB)
QRP Classics - The Best QRP Projects from QST and the ARRL Handbook.pdf (43MB)
ARRL_Basic_Antennas.pdf (38MB)
Radar Transmitters.pdf (27MB)
NOSintro.pdf (22MB)
RSGB Low Frequency Experimenter's Handbook.pdf (17MB)
The Radio Amateurs Microwave Communications Handbook.pdf (17MB)
Microwave Know How.pdf (16MB)
Fifty Years Of ARRL.pdf (16MB)
ARRL VHF Digital Handbook.pdf (14MB)
The Spread Spectrum Source Book.pdf (14MB)
The Gunnplexer Cookbook.pdf (12MB)
The Laser Experimenters Handbook.pdf (12MB)
PIC Programming for Beginners.pdf (11MB)
Wireless Digital Communications-Design and Theory.pdf (11MB)
RSGB-Microwave Projects.pdf (11MB)
Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur-1992.pdf (9MB)
Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation.pdf (9MB)
Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur-1978.pdf (7MB)
W1FB QRP Notebook.pdf (5MB)
RSGB Radio & Electronics Cookbook.pdf (5MB)
Pager Handbook for the Radio Amateur.pdf (843KB)
ATV Handbook.pdf (307KB)

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