Maya Dynamics: Breaking Ground
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Creating photoreal effects has always been of the hardest jobs in computer graphics. There�s a very fine balance between simulation and creative control. This is especially true in a fast paced post production world. In this 8 week course David Alexander will take you through the entire shot recently completed for a major TV series.

You will learn production proven techniques on how to procedurally generate cracks, falling debris and dust, replicate objects along a surface, work with particle instances, expressions and dynamic simulations. Every step of the process is covered: modeling, scripts and expressions, simulation, lighting,shading, rendering and compositing. The course also includes David�s custom instance baking and object replication scripts that have been extensively used in production.
Week 1:
production timeline
particle sims vs rigid body sims
naming conventions
image based geometry generation techniques
large pieces modeling
homework: Generate large chunks of dirt based on a fracture image.

Week 2:
root modeling
v_scales script overview
root replication
homework: Model the dirt wall with the roots. Replicate the roots randomly
along the wall using the provided v_scales script.

Week 3:
dirt wall modeling
simulation prep
large pieces simulation
part_pivot script overview
particle scripting techniques
homework: Prep the models for simulation. Using the provided part_pivot
script convert the models to particle instances. Control the dynamic simulation
of the pieces by adding and modifying the per particle attributes.

Week 4:
bake simulation
instance_bake script overview
convert instanced geometry to polygons
animation tweaking
generate emission maps
homework: Bake out the simulation using the provided instance_bake script.
Tweak the resulting animation. Generate emission maps for secondary
particle emission.

Week 5:
small chunks modeling
particle instancing techniques
small chunks particle instancing
small chunks simulation
falling dust / debris simulation
debris rendering
homework: Model and simulate smaller chunks. Simulate and render falling
dust / debris.

Week 6:
dust simulation
dust rendering
shading / texturing
homework: Generate a dust cloud. Work on shading and texturing all of the

Week 7:
setting up the render passes
homework: Set up the render passes and light all of the elements. Render out
all of the passes and prep for compositing.

Week 8:
layer modes
camera shake expressions
color correction / grain
final render
homework: Composite the rendered layers. Render out the final shot.

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