MaxCookie - 3DS MAX Working with Ocean and Fluids
English | Video 1280x720 | E-Learning | 1.70 GB
In this Citizen video for 3ds max, we’ll continue working at the Fluids and Ocean series. 1st of all we’ll have to finish the FR version of our basic 3ds max scene, so we’ll prepare the sphere shader using the FR Advanced material trying to replicate same Mental Ray setup. Then we’ll move forward to introduce the fluid dynamic chapter. We’ll take a look at basic workflow and UI in RealFlow. We’ll see how it works preparing a simple simulation with a basic particle emitter, then adding gravity daemon, working with initial state and fluid resolution issue and checking how to prepare the fluid mesh and how to optimize it.

Then we'll go a little bit more in depth in the RF topic, working with a simple animated scene prepared in 3ds max and exported in RF using the SD file format. We�ll see how to merge it, manage the Fill Object emitter to fill a mesh with water, find the right quality setup and make it interacting with a 3ds max moving object. Finally we�ll take a simple look at RealWave water plan just to see how to add it to a scene, and which kind of wave generators we can use with it. In Part 3 we�ll see more in depth how to use it, and how to make it interacting with meshes creating splashes and other secondary effect


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