Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich
10xDVDRip | AVI, ~2000 kb/s | 852x480 | 14:46:32 | Englis:h MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | + PDF Guides | 13.2 GB
Genre: Guitar
A lot of the operations are by hand, and John S. Bogdanovich also shows the jigs, fixtures and setups necessary in getting from rough stock to finished piece. A lot of instructional sets I ve seen accomplish fabrication off-camera and then show working with the finished parts, without really explaining the whole story of how they re made by showing it.

John Bogdanovich narrates as he s working, and has a clear and pleasant presentation. In fact, his on screen presence is such that the viewer might assume that he was hired to do the vocals in this set. But, seeing him work while explaining what s happening at the same time is a winning combination for this series.

It s obvious that he s made a lot of guitars and is familiar with what he s doing. It felt good to watch each of these discs, and even though there is over 14 hours of total instruction, it goes by enjoyably. John Bogdanovich has a friendly, and yet, professional demeanor through all of this.

It s thing to say that something needs to be d a certain way, and in this presentation, it is d right in front of the viewer. It s well worth mentioning that the camera work is stellar in this set. Every part of the process is clear and well photographed. The lighting, camera angles, color density and sound all lead to a quality product that the viewer can feel is worth every penny that they ve invested. Everything is of a highly professional nature that will leave the viewer feeling that they ve got something that will be entirely worth its value as an instruction, and a reference for the future. It s obvious that John Bogdanovich has taken the time and expense to create a work that will stand the test of time and scrutiny. When it is considered, the labor of producing an edited DVD that s 14 hours and 52 minutes is staggering. Almost 15 hours! And it will go by without notice. The viewers will find themselves waiting for the next time they ll sit down to watch more.


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