Packaging is where engineering meets design. Learn about the basics of designing packages for everything from foodstuffs to fragrance, in ways that are practical for manufacturing and shipping, and make the products visually appealing. Author Claudia McCue reviews the types of containers real packaging engineers consider, and then concentrates on folding cartons, which can be created with the tools available to most designers: Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Learn how to create dielines (the flattened view of your product) and add artwork and text. Then find out how to print and cut out a mockup version of your packaging, and prepare the job for professional printing. Claudia also takes you for a quick view of the factory floor, where products are packed into their final containers.

Welcome 31s
About this course 2m 39s
About the exercise files 40s

1. Types of Packaging
Building a roadmap: Deciding on the type of package 1m 47s
Examining basic types of boxes 2m 33s
Combining packaging materials: Complex packaging 2m 10s

2. Planning a Package
Making the decision of packaging type 5m 57s
Considering the consumer experience 1m 19s
Accommodating instructional/legal copy, barcode, etc. 2m 13s

3. Dieline = Road Map
Reading a dieline (cut vs. fold indicators, flaps, etc.) 1m 59s
Examining a package die 3m 35s
Replicating an existing package: Basic panels 5m 43s
Adding flaps and fold-in tabs 3m 14s
Refining tab and flap shapes 7m 42s
Creating rounded corners 4m 45s

4. Designing in Illustrator
Why Illustrator is perfect for packaging 1m 32s
Laying the groundwork: Start with the dieline 4m 9s
Creating a bleed guide 2m 46s
Adding artwork: Handling bleed, trim, and glue 3m 3s
Preparing your job for the printer 6m 37s
File formats for print 5m 26s

5. Designing in InDesign
Using InDesign: Pros and cons 3m 46s
Importing the dieline 1m 40s
Adding artwork: Handling bleed and color intersections 9m 25s
Preparing your job for the printer 5m 42s
File formats for print 6m 29s

6. Final Steps
Printing and cutting the mockup 2m 45s
Checking the mockup 4m 25s
Fulfillment and assembling the final piece 36s

What I hope you've learned in this course 47s
Next steps 1m 40s

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