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Thread: Lynda - Print Production Essentials: Folding

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    Lynda - Print Production Essentials: Folding

    Get fresh ideas for your next print marketing campaign as the world's leading expert on folded formats, Trish Witkowski, shares unique and effective folded solutions that will add that "wow factor" to your creative projects. This highly visual and inspiring course is filled with print "eye candy"—for designers who operate on either end of the budget spectrum. Trish will set a strong foundation of folding lingo, folding families, and folding dos and don'ts. She'll also share her 10 high impact tricks for folding success and show you how to expertly create folding templates and dielines. You'll see lots of real-world solutions from her famous sample library, too.

    What you should know before watching this course
    Using the exercise files
    1. Folding Families
    Folding families
    Accordion folds
    Basic folds
    Gate folds
    Map folds
    Parallel folds
    Poster folds
    Roll folds
    Specialty folds
    Hybrid and composite folds
    Proprietary folds
    2. Folding Lingo
    What is folding compensation?
    Panels vs. pages
    Flat size vs. finished size
    Broadside and short folding
    Parallel folds and right-angle folds
    3. Folding for Production
    Machine folding vs. hand folding
    Buckle-plate folding
    Knife folding
    Plow folding
    Inline, offline, and near-line production
    The role of scoring
    The fine line between standard and specialty
    4. Planning for Folded Materials
    Folding and the user experience
    The folding sequence dummy
    Choosing the right fold for your project
    Choosing the right paper
    Folding for mail
    5. Folding in Layout
    Setting up the digital document
    Placing fold marks
    Building templates the easy way
    File setup for specialty formats
    6. 10 High-Impact Folding Tricks
    Simple guillotine trims
    Direction and format changes
    Broadside folds
    Visual tricks
    Short folds
    Die cuts
    Extended panels
    Zip strips and pull-tabs
    7. Inspired Real-World Folded Solutions
    Folded solutions for mail
    Folded solutions for special events
    High-budget specialty folds
    Low- to moderate-budget folds
    Next steps
    Format: mp4
    Video: MPEG-4, 1280x720, 16:9, 29.97fps, 944kbps
    Audio: AAC, 48kHz, 160 kbps, stereo

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    Request reupload

    Can you please reupload?

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    Think got it ok

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