Lynda – The Science Of Logo Design
45m 3s | Level: Beginner | Apr 30, 2014 | 570 MB

Logo design requires artistry, but did you know your logos can also benefit from science? William Lidwell introduces the whys behind well-known guidelines and even debunks a few outdated design myths along the way. He reviews the 4 principles that make a logo ARMM’d for use: attention, response, meaning, and memory. Use these tips to bring scientific rigor to your logos and start designing on evidence, not industry hearsay.

Topic included:
1.The ARMM model 4m 10s
2.A is for attention 8m 8s
3.R is for response 8m 59s
4.M is for meaning 8m 32s
5.M is for memory 8m 14s
6.ARMMed and dangerous 7m 0s