Lisa Parmley - Authority Site Model Review
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Authority Site model course includes 6 modules of instructional videos and accompanying PDF documents for notes and easy references. Below you can find the list of all videos in this course:

Introduction to Authority Sites

The introduction module covers the following topics:
What is an Authority Site?
Business planning
Why Authority Sites?

Contrary to the popular belief that an authority site is a big site with a lot of pages, Lisa Parmley points out main characteristics of an authority site and show many live examples of how authority sites should be.

She was also telling about how she came up and fine-tuned this authority site business model over years as an authority site is not one that comprises a bunch of 500-word articles around some keywords, an authority site is more than that in order to claim the “authority status” and gain trust from readers.

I like the fact that she considers this as a “business model” and shows how to make a simple “1-hour business plan”. I actually think this is an important step because the business plan will guide how you build your authority site and make you take your site more seriously as a real business.

Module 1 – Research
Video 1: Market depth
Video 2: Goals & Profit Potential
Video 3: Top Methods for Finding Profitable Markets
Video 4: Adsense Research & Additional Methods for Finding Profitable Markets
Video 5: Preliminary Keyword Research
Video 6: Competition & Competitive Research

Module 2 – List building
Video 1: Advantages of List Building
Video 2: Earning From Your List
Video 3: Structuring Your Emails

Module 3 – Site structure
Video 1: Keyword List & Selecting Categories
Video 2: Tips for Selecting Content
Video 3: Site Structure Mindmap Example

The Site structure mindmap is my favorite video where Lisa Parmley layouts an example site structure around “registry cleaners” with different categories. The video about good article topics is also especially useful as she guides on a list of key phrases that could be used as article topics and even titles.

Module 4 – Content
Video 1: Quality Content Tips Straight From Google
Video 2: Standing Out as the Authority
Video 3: Magnetic content
Video 4: Hiring writers
Video 5: Quality Control

Module 5 – Site building
Video 1: Domain Name Selection
Video 2: Site Building Basics
Video 3: WordPress Set‐up
Video 4: WordPress & Internal Linking
Video 5: Extra Components
Video 6: Monetizing Your Site

Module 6 – Promoting your site
Video 1: Real Links Vs. Manufactured Links
Video 2: Managing, Further Tips, & Examples
Video 3: Article Marketing & Distribution
Video 4: Guest Blogging
Video 5: YouTube & Video Marketing
Video 6: Forced Link Building Tactics


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