Linux eBook Collection l 2.23 GB

This pack is two collections in one. The first is a collection of a bunch of books essential to anyone who wants to lean more about the Linux operating system. It has books organized into the following categories (with number of books in parentheses):

Essential books (26)
Essential Networking (8)
IDS Firewall & Security (16)
Core Linux Concepts (7)
DNS (5)
BSD & Unix (6)
Cluster (3)
LDAP (1)
Mail Servers (4)
NFS & NIS (1)
Samba (1)
SELinux (2)
Squid (1)
SSH & VPN (4)
Apache (6)

The second has 264 unsorted general computer books. It contains books on things like Windows, security (never thought I'd use "Windows and security in the same sentence!), BitTorrent, hacking, UNIX, Linux, programming (especially C++), and more. There might be duplicates between the two parts, but not many.

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