KelbyTraining : Fantasy Portraits with David Cuerdon
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David Cuerdon shows off his process from start to finish. First, shooting a model, then adding fantasy elements using Photoshop

Course Lessons
Introduction (02:34) David talks about what he will be covering in this course
The Model Shoot (07:50) We start with a photo shoot in which the subject will be showing off both a good and evil side
Creating Backgrounds (09:03) Creating a background behind the model using the cloud filter in Photoshop
Masking and Outlining (12:05) David talks about the different ways to mask and outline a subject and shows how he prefers to work
Creating a Feather (15:09) The first step in making an angel wing is creating the first feather
Creating the Feathered Wing, Part 1 (08:05) Starting with that first feather, it is time to start designing the entire wing
Creating the Feathered Wing, Part 2 (06:42) Grouping the feathers and creating the layers of the wing
Adding Wings to the Subject (06:00) Taking the wings and adding them to the shot of the model
Vampire (05:27) Shooting the model with a color gel on the light and trying to bring out a darker side
Creating the Vampire (10:12) Using the darker image of the model, the process begins of transforming the subject into a vampire
Vampire Background (08:04) Using the clouds filter to create the dark background behind the vampire
Adding the Moon (08:53) Adding a full moon and clouds behind the vampire subject
Adding the Fangs (08:53) Adding details to the face of the model to make her appear more like a vampire
Detail in the Eyes (09:20) Add the finishing touches to the vampire by darkening the eyes and adding spot light glow
Creating a Fairy (13:59) Starting with a shot of the subject, the first step is masking the subject and adding a crescent moon
Background and Foreground (06:06) Adding elements to the background and foreground of the fairy image
Cropping and Shading (08:34) Cropping out some excess size and adding some shading a highlights
Color Adjustments to the Fairy Image (02:56) Adjusting the hue and saturation to put the finishing touches on the fairy image
Adding Fairy Wings (05:29) Adding fairy wings to the subject
Fairy Dust (10:21) Creating a fairy dust brush and then using it to scatter fairy dust patterns into the image
Reflections (06:39) Adding reflections of the moon and fairy dust towards the bottom of the image
Creating the Fairy Wing (14:22) Creating fairy wings takes some technical knowledge but here are some step-by-step directions for how to do it
Fairies, Devils, and Vulcans: Creating a Pointy Ear (11:03) Using an earlier shot, this lesson shows how changing wings and ears can transform an angel into a fairy
Conclusion (01:43) Thanks for following along. Hope you enjoyed the course

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KelbyTraining : Fantasy Portraits with David Cuerdon

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