Joint Mobilization/Manipulation Extremity and Spinal Techniques (DVD) | 413.4 mb
Video: DVDRip | Resolution: 384x288(.mpg) | Audio: mp3 96 Kbps
Difficulty: Advanced | Language: English | Instructor: Susan L. Edmond

This DVD includes a title that reflects the focus on evidence- based practice as well as more information on the spine, most notably with regard to joint play. Clearly labeled photos show the direction of force in techniques.

- Evidence-based introductions begin each chapter to provide the latest research and rationalization for specific procedures.
- New information on the examination of joint play, especially in reference to the spine, provides the latest information available.
- Clearly labeled photos show the direction of force on the photographs that show the techniques.
- More information on osteokinematic and arthrokinematic motion, and degrees of freedom, provides perspective on the body planes.
- Better definitions of mobilization and manipulation.
- In the cervical spine chapter, additional mobilization techniques, such as Paris cervical gliding, have been added.
- Grade V (thrust) techniques have been added to the spine chapters
- More muscle energy techniques added to spine chapters
- Companion CD-ROM includes videos of manipulation and mobilization techniques covered in the text.

Publisher: Mosby Elsevier
Training Course: Joint Mobilization/Manipulation: Extremity and Spinal Techniques
Instructor: Susan L. Edmond
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 413.4 mb

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