Introduction to iPh Development
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Genre: Development / Programming

Ben Scheirman shows you how to get your first iPh application off the ground and into the App Store.


1 - Introduction
In this episode Ben walks you through the basics of iPh development, showing you many of the cool features of this platform. He then builds out a quick application to show you what the process looks like.

2 - To-Do List, Part 1
In this episode Ben gets started creating a simple to-do list application, taking you through the basics of application development.

3 - Intro to Objective-C
In this episode Ben breaks down the basics of Objective-C, showing some syntax rules and then a basic console application.

4 - Animations
In this episode Ben shows you how to work up a bit more complex UI, complete with the iPh signature animations.

5 - Building Out Tekpub Todo
In this episode Ben goes deeper into developing an iPh application, and covers all the things you'll need to know about in order to do it right. There's a lot of concepts covered - you might need to pause once or twice!

6 - Working With SQLite
In this episode Ben shows how to work with a SQLite database, first showing you the "not-so-fun" C api approach, then speeding things up with the FMDB plugin.

7 - Navigation
In this episode Ben walks you through various methods for navigating between screens, including NavigationControllers and TabControls

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