CGSWorkshops - Intermediate to Advanced Techniques in V-Ray for Softimage and Maya
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Size: 6.9 GB
Boaz Livny has blended and upgraded his week V-ray workshops into bumper 10 week learning experience!

In the first part, you'll learn the fundamentals of lighting and rendering along with some technical aspects of using a rendering software in production. This will include a basic tour around the V-Ray software in both Maya and SoftImage, a look at shading fundamentals and basic to advanced lighting techniques. Boaz will take you through various camera effects like lens distortion and depth of field, rayswitch techniques and how to match live action. He'll then move on to more intermediate topics such as v-ray indirect lighting and complex shader settings.

Boaz Livny calls Part 2 of this V-Ray course "Go Pro". The second weeks delves into more advanced practices and techniques, and shows how you can incorporate V-Ray and other packages such as Mari and Nuke into your workflow.

You'll look at texture preparation, linear workflows, subsurface scattering, volumetric effects, and a lot of compositing for CG passes and back plates. There may even be some fluid rendering with other custom tools from Chaos Group. You'll see first-hand how all these different custom tools can be used, and learn how you can work it in to your pipeline.

Any who took Boaz' Advanced Photorealism in mental ray CGWorkshop that ran for over years will know about Boaz' technical and teaching expertise, and the time he dedicates to giving feedback. Don't miss this new opportunity to learn from a master.

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