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Thread: How To Think Your Way To Consistent Results

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    How To Think Your Way To Consistent Results

    Mark Douglas - Mental Toughness=How To Think Your Way To Consistent Results l 2.83 GB

    Do you answer YES to any of these trading questions?
    Do you ever break your rules even when you know better?
    After a few consecutive trading losses, do you lose all confidence in your abilities to perform at a maximum level?
    Have you ever had a trade move against you because you were paralyzed with fear?
    Do you ever not take signals because of fear of loss?
    If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then your mind is sabotaging your trading results. And this sabotage is likely costing you lots of moneyand its likely making some of your days quite miserable.
    My name is Mark Douglas and a decade ago, I wrote the best selling book The Disciplined Trader which has helped tens of thousands of traders. My latest book, Trading In The Zone, expanded my work to reflect todays markets.
    And now, through my new 16 hour video course, you will learn how to drastically improve your trading results and trading strengths.

    Link :

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    That presentation image makes me not want to watch the video... Judging books by its cover...

    But I'l give it a try! Thanks!

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