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Ariel Avraham - Plotting the globe_stories of meridians, parallels, and the international data line
Barker Andrew - Scientific method in Ptolemy Harmonics
Belkora, Leila - Minding the Heavens_The Story of Our Discovery of the Milky Way
Berry, Arthur - A Short History of Astronomy (1898)
Biagioli Mario - Galileo?s instruments of credit_telescopes, images, secrecy
Biman Basu - Cosmic Vistas_A Popular History of Astronomy
Blumenberg Hans - The Genesis of the Copernican World
Bruck Mary - Women in Early British and Irish Astronomy_Stars and Satellites
Clark, David H. and Matthew D.H. Clark - Measuring the cosmos_How scientists discovered the dimensions of the Universe
David A. J. Seargent - Weird Astronomy_Tales of Unusual, Bizarre, and Other
Dreyer J. L. E. - A History Of Astronomy From Thales To Kepler 2e
Dyson Marianne - Space and Astronomy_Decade by Decade
Eastwood Bruce S. - Ordering the Heavens-Roman Astronomy and Cosmology in the Carolingian Renaissance
Felipe Lira Montes de Oca - Astronomia Precolombina
Finocchiaro, M. - Defending Copernicus and Galileo
Francesca Rochberg - The Heavenly Writing_Astronomy in Mesopotamian culture
Fraser, Craig G. - The Cosmos_A historical Perspective
Frova Andrea & Marenzana M - Thus Spoke Galileo
Gingerich Owen & James MacLachlan - Nicolaus Copernicus Making the Earth a Planet
Glass I.S. - Revolutionaries of the Cosmos_The astrophysicists
Gordon Fisher - Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology
Gregersen Erik - The universe_a historical survey of beliefs, theories, and laws
Harrison E. - Masks of the Universe_Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos
Hawking, Stephen W & Israel W. - Three Hundred Years Of Gravitation (2003)
Helge Kragh - The Saga of Venus? Spurious Satellite
Hetherington Norriss - Planetary Motions A Historical Perspective
James Lequeux - L?Univers dévoilé_Une histoire de l'astronomie de 1910 à aujourd?hui
James R. Voelkel - Johannes Kepler and the New Astronomy
Jo Merchant - Decoding the Heavens_A 2000 Year Old Computer
Kelley, David H. & Eugene F. Milone - Exploring ancient skies_A Survey of Ancient and Cultural Astronomy
Kilmister C.W. - Eddington's search for a fundamental theory
Kozhamthadam, Job - The Discovery of Kepler's Laws The Interaction of Science, Philosophy, and Religion
Kragh Helge S. - Conceptions of cosmos_from myths to the accelerating universe a history of cosmology
Krupp E.C. - Skywatchers, Shamans & Kings Astronomy and the Archaeology of Power
Kuhn, Thomas S - The copernican revolution (1957)
Linton C.N. - From Eudoxus to Einstein_A History of Mathematical Astronomy
Magli Giulio - Mysteries and Discoveries of Archaeoastronomy
Martens Rhonda - Kepler?s philosophy and the new astronomy
McCutcheon Scott - Space and astronomy_the people behind the science
Menon C.P.S. - Early astronomy and cosmology
Motz L. & Weaver J.H. - The story of astronomy
Norman Lockyer - Stonehenge Astronomically Considered (1906)
Norriss S. Hetherington - Planetary Motion_A Historical Perspective
Pannekoek - A History of Astronomy
Parker, Barry - Stairway to the Stars_History of Mauna Kea Observatory
Peterson Ivars - Newton's Clock_Chaos in the Solar System
Qauquelin - Cosmic Clocks_From Astrology to a Modern Science
Reichenbach H. - From Copernicus to Einstein (1942)
Rosen Edward (translator) - Three Copernican Treatises
Ruggles Clive and Gary Urton - Skywatching in the ancient world new perspectives in cultural astronomy
Steel Duncan - Eclipse_The celestial phenomenon that changed the course of history
Steinicke Wolfgang - Observing and Cataloguing Nebulae and Star Clusters
Stephenson Richard - Historical eclipses and Earth's rotation
Stephenson, Bruce - The music of the heavens_Kepler's harmonic astronomy
Swerdlow, N. M - Ancient Astronomy and Celestial Divination (html pages)
Tofigh Heidarzadeh - A History of Physical Theories of Comets, From Aristotle to Whipple
Topper David R. - Quirky Sides of Scientists_Tales of Ingenuity and Error From Physics and Astronomy
Tropp, E. A. - Alexander A. Friedmann_the man who made the universe expand
Vaquero J.M. & Vazquez M - The Sun Recorded Through History
Watson Fred - Stargazer_the life and times of the telescope
Whittaker - From Euclid To Eddington_A Study of Conceptions of the External World
William R. Shea and Mariano Artigas - Galileo in Rome
Willis Roy and Patrick Curry - Astrology, Science and Culture
Wilson Robert - Astronomy Through the Ages_The story of the human attempt to understand the Universe
Woolfson, Michael M. - Time, space, stars, and man the story of the big bang

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