Health Safety and Management eBooks
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01. Learning_from_Accidents_3E.pdf [2MB]
02. Modern Accident Investigation and Analysis.pdf [57MB]
03. Serious_Incident_Prevention_2E.pdf [6MB]
04. Still going wrong.pdf [11MB]
05. tolleys workplace accident handbook.pdf [10MB]
06. What went wrong 5th edition.pdf [11MB]
07. What went wrong.pdf [22MB]
08. CE conformity marking.pdf [24MB]
09. CE marking handbook.pdf [7MB]
10. Machinery directive guide.pdf [1MB]
11. Hazardous Chemicals Handbook 2ed-1.pdf [2MB]
12. human factors and behavioural safety.pdf [2MB]
13. Human safety and risk management.pdf [3MB]
14. ISC_book_cooper.pdf [1MB]
15. Psychology of Safety.pdf [14MB]
16. The Blame Machine - Why Human Error Causes Accidents.pdf [2MB]
17. Achieving objectives through time management.pdf [1MB]
18. Achieving quality.pdf [2MB]
19. Becoming more effective.pdf [524KB]
20. Budgeting for Better Performance.pdf [792KB]
21. Building the team.pdf [952KB]
22. Coaching and Training your Work Team.pdf [894KB]
23. Collecting information.pdf [3MB]
24. Controlling physical resources.pdf [2MB]
25. Delegating effectively.pdf [795KB]
26. Delivering training.pdf [2MB]
27. Effective meetings at work.pdf [1MB]
28. Effective meetings for managers.pdf [803KB]
29. Effective use of equipment.pdf [874KB]
30. Improving efficiency.pdf [663KB]
31. Information in management.pdf [1MB]
32. Leading your team.pdf [640KB]
33. Making a financial case.pdf [601KB]
34. Making communication work.pdf [526KB]
35. Managing change.pdf [1MB]
36. Managing lawfully .People and employment.pdf [1MB]
37. Managing lawfully h-s-env.pdf [808KB]
38. Managing relationships in work.pdf [920KB]
39. Managing time made simple.pdf [1MB]
40. Managing Time.pdf [854KB]
41. Networking and sharing information.pdf [951KB]
42. Obtaining Information for Effective Management.pdf [1MB]
43. Organisational environment.pdf [692KB]
44. Organizational culture.pdf [780KB]
45. Planning and controllig work.pdf [662KB]
46. Planning training and development.pdf [635KB]
47. Preventing Accidents.PDF [1MB]
48. Project and report writing.pdf [1MB]
49. Solving problems.pdf [604KB]
50. Storing and retrieving information.pdf [723KB]
51. Understanding Change.pdf [626KB]
52. Understanding Quality.pdf [1MB]
53. Understanding workplace change.pdf [991KB]
54. Working in teams.pdf [697KB]
55. Writing effectively.pdf [2MB]
56. Practical machinery safety.pdf [9MB]
57. Safety with Machinery.pdf [3MB]
58. A Guide to Lean Six Sigma Management Skills .pdf [5MB]
59. Absolute Beginners Guide to Project Management .pdf [10MB]
60. Armstrongs Handbook of Management and Leadership.pdf [1MB]
61. Effective Communications PDF.PDF [739KB]
62. idiots guide to project management.pdf [10MB]
63. Information management.pdf [608KB]
64. Introducing management.pdf [1MB]
65. managing chaos.pdf [5MB]
66. Managing yourself.pdf [731KB]
67. Managing.pdf [1MB]
68. Project Management for Mere Mortals.pdf [32MB]
69. Project management.pdf [738KB]
70. Project.Management For Dummies.pdf [6MB]
71. Successful Time Management For Dummies.pdf [4MB]
72. The Benchmarking Book.pdf [12MB]
73. Time Management Proven Techniques for Making Every Minute Count.pdf [2MB]
74. fire safety management.pdf [9MB]
75. Introduction to health and safety at work -Ed 3.pdf [13MB]
76. Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction, 2nd Ed - (Malestrom).pdf [40MB]
77. Nebosh dip.pdf [135KB]
78. a-z of health and safety.pdf [3MB]
79. easy guide to health and safety.pdf [15MB]
80. enhancing workplace safety.pdf [3MB]
81. health and safety at work key terms.pdf [2MB]
82. health and safety handbook.pdf [1MB]
83. Health and safety in brief 3rd edition.pdf [2MB]
84. Health and safety in brief 4th editionpdf.pdf [3MB]
85. health and safety pocket book.pdf [3MB]
86. Health_Safety_At_Work_An_Essential_Guide_for_Manag ers_.PDF [2MB]
87. increasing productivity.pdf [4MB]
88. leading with safety.pdf [22MB]
89. Man_System.pdf [932KB]
90. Managers guide to health and safety at work.pdf [1MB]
91. managing health and safety in the working environment.pdf [3MB]
92. Managing health and safety-learning made simple .pdf [1MB]
93. managing health safety and environment.pdf [808KB]
94. Managing noise and vibration at work.pdf [3MB]
95. Managing Safety, Wiley (2006).pdf [2MB]
96. Practical health and safety management in small businesses.pdf [5MB]
97. Quick guide to health and safety.pdf [7MB]
98. Risk Management - 10 Principles.pdf [1MB]
99. Safety culture .A leadership approach.pdf [4MB]
100. safety essentials for small businesses.pdf [23MB]
101. Safety management -Qualitative approach.pdf [1MB]
102. Safety_at_Work__Seventh_Edition.pdf [8MB]
103. Tolleys Managing a Diverse Workforce.pdf [12MB]
104. wiley_-_on_the_practice_of_safety.pdf [2MB]
105. workplace safety.pdf [12MB]
106. Stress at Work Management and Prevention - Jeremy Stranks.pdf [2MB]
107. Audits.pdf [3MB]
108. Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Requirements.pdf [168KB]
109. OHSAS 18001 Key Changes.ppt [317KB]
110. OHSAS 18001 v1999.pdf [117KB]
111. OHSAS 18001 v2007.pdf [321KB]
112. OHSAS 18001 Verizon Presentation.pdf [277KB]
113. OHSAS Intro and Awareness IOSH.pdf [3MB]
114. ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Handbook - Ken Whitelaw.pdf [2MB]
115. iso 14001 step by step.pdf [2MB]
116. ohsas18002-2008 .pdf [335KB]
117. Combined EHS Management System Audit Checklist.doc [663KB]
118. EMS Management System Audit Checklist.doc [654KB]
119. OH&S Management System Audit Checklist.doc [635KB]
120. Best Practices Checklist.doc [31KB]
121. 9001 Audit Checklist- Quality Planning and Design.doc [434KB]
122. 9001 Audit Checklist-Management Responsibility.doc [472KB]
123. 9001 Audit Checklist-Monitoring Measurement and Improv.doc [685KB]
124. 9001 Audit Checklist-Production Support.doc [851KB]
125. 9001 Audit Checklist-Resource and Support Activities.doc [284KB]
126. 9001 Planning Checklist- Production Process.doc [416KB]
127. QMS Audit Checklist 1- Area Manager-Owner Interview.doc [192KB]
128. QMS Audit Checklist 2 - Basic Production Process.doc [194KB]
129. QMS Audit Checklist 3 - Basic Preservation Process.doc [193KB]
130. 16949 Audit Checklist- Audit and Corrective Action.doc [249KB]
131. 16949 Audit Checklist- Quality Planning and Design.doc [576KB]
132. 16949 Audit Checklist-Analysis and Improvement.doc [258KB]
133. 16949 Audit Checklist-Management Responsibility.doc [272KB]
134. 16949 Audit Checklist-Resource and Support Processes.doc [364KB]
135. 16949 Planning Checklist- Production Process.doc [529KB]
136. QMS Audit Checklist 1- Area Manager-Owner Interview.doc [192KB]
137. QMS Audit Checklist 2- Basic Production Process.doc [195KB]
138. QMS Audit Checklist 3- Basic Preservation Process.doc [193KB]
139. Audit Findings Form.doc [30KB]
140. Audit Nonconformance Report.doc [25KB]
141. Audit One Liner Form.doc [23KB]
142. Audit Program Survey.doc [96KB]
143. Audit Report Form.doc [20KB]
144. Survey for Determining Relative Process Importance.doc [58KB]

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