Hal Leonard - Guitar Licks Goldmine - 200 Jazz Licks
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Genre: Guitar Learning
Guitar Licks Goldmine ("Gold Mine" guitar phrases) in this incredible jazz collection. This DVD contains a variety of "tasty" jazz lines, phrases, and ideas for improvisation, which will show you the professional guitarists John Hyussenstamm, Don Linke, under Silberglayt and Bill St. From jazz to contemporary tradiotsionnogo, every phrase includes: an explanation of the professional guitarist who accompanied ponotnoy screen tablature, the performance of normal and slower speeds. A Guitar Licks Goldmine Awaits in this Incredible Jazz Collection! This DVD is jam-packed with tasty jazz lines, phrases, and improvisational ideas personally taught to you by professional guitarists John Heussenstamm, Don Linke, Paul Silbergleit, and Bill St. From traditional to modern jazz, each and every authentic lick includes: a walk-through explanation by a pro guitarist; note-for-note on-screen tablature; normal and slow-speed performance demos.

Paul Silbergleit
Licks 1-15 (18:24)
Licks 16-30 (20:38)
Licks 31-40 (14:15)
Don Linke
Licks 41-55 (9:56)
Licks 56-70 (10:26)
Licks 71-85 (10:17)
Licks 86-100 (10:37)
Licks 101-115 (12:24)
Licks 116-130 (13:01)
Licks 131-145 (14:47)
John Heussenstamm
Licks 146-160 (19:14)
Licks 161-175 (20:00)
Licks 176-185 (14:29)
Bill St
Licks 186-200 (13:50)

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