TTC- Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition 1st Edition Rare | Size 816.38 MB

The audio series Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition brings to your living room the opportunity to sit at the feet of some of Americas finest Ivy League professors as they lecture on the books that form the corpus of the Western literary tradition. If you have ever thought that sending your child to an Ivy league college would be a dream come true but were mortified by the current tuition, this set of remarkable lectures might just be the opportunity for which you always hoped. The set contains eighty 45-minute lectures.
This set contains lectures on half of the Great Books as The Teaching Company has put most of the lectures on the philosophically oriented books in the series The Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition. They also have a separate set on the plays of Shakespeare that appears quite promising as well as many other series that provide a wealth of educational opportunities.
The lectures in this series do not focus on such broad topics as Greek literature or Literature in Venice but each lecture focuses on a particular book and attempts to prepare the students for an intelligent reading of that text. This format works very well for you do not have to sit through lectures full of general and vague observations but are giving ready aid to set out on your own journeys in the delightful world of first-hand literary exploration.

01. The Value of Literature.mp3 10.86 MB
02. The Interpretation of Literature.mp3 10.6 MB
03. Introduction to Homer.mp3 8.22 MB
04. Challenging the Heroic Code.mp3 9.39 MB
05. Alpha and Omega.mp3 9.07 MB
06. Introduction to the Odyssey.mp3 8.24 MB
07. The Uses of Enchantment.mp3 9.31 MB
08. Homecoming.mp3 8.62 MB
09. The Book of Job.mp3 10.87 MB
10. Plato and Poetry.mp3 10.33 MB
11. Introduction to the Oresteia.mp3 11.64 MB
12. Sophoclean Hero.mp3 10.01 MB
13. Complex Oedipus.mp3 9.98 MB
14. Bacchae.mp3 9.61 MB
15. Thucydides and the Dawn of History.mp3 10.83 MB
16. Aristophanes and Very Old Jokes.mp3 9.86 MB
17. Introduction to Virgil.mp3 9.81 MB
18. Aeneas - A New Kind of Hero.mp3 9.79 MB
19. Ovid and the Metamorphoses.mp3 10.82 MB
20. The Neronian Way of Death.mp3 8.96 MB
21. Studying the Literature of the Past.mp3 10.33 MB
22. Some Conventions of Medieval Literature.mp3 10.05 MB
23. The English Language Then and Now.mp3 10.22 MB
24. Beowulf and Old English Poetry.mp3 10.55 MB
25. The Song of Roland.mp3 9.86 MB
26. Medieval Romance and the Stories of Arthur.mp3 10.09 MB
27. The Troubadours.mp3 10.18 MB
28. The Romance of the Rose.mp3 10.1 MB
29. The Poet of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.mp3 10.18 MB
30. Italian Writers of the 14th Century.mp3

And much more...

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