Flash Professional CS6 Essential Training
English | Flash Video | MOV / AVC, ~69 kb/s | 960x540 | AAC, 96 kb/s (1 ch) | 8 hours | 1.06 GB
Genre: Video Training

This course provides a solid foundation in Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and shows how to create an assortment of Flash content. Author Anastasia McCune explains the different destinations for Flash projects�mobile devices, the desktop, or the web�and where ActionScript fits into it all. She shows how to create a new project, structure document layers and arrange objects on the Timeline, and how to get started drawing basic shapes and incorporate text, images, audio, and video. The course also explains the different types of symbols and tweens in Flash, and how to use them to build and animate content. The final chapters outline the publishing options available for Flash projects, including Adobe AIR.

Topics include:

* Choosing a document type
* Working with panels and workspaces
* Importing bitmap and vector graphics into a project
* Understanding the Timeline and frame rate
* Defining frames and keyframes
* Creating button, graphic, and movie clip symbols
* Nesting timelines
* Building shape tweens and motion tweens
* Defining inverse kinematic (IK) motion
* Applying filters, blend modes, and masks
* Integrating audio and video
* Using ActionScript code snippets
* Configuring SWF and HTML publish settings
* Publishing with AIR


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