A Fixed-Point Farrago
Springer | Analysis | May 18 2016 | ISBN-10: 3319279769 | 227 pages | pdf | 2.47 mb

Authors: Shapiro, Joel H.
Acts as a perfect book for Graduate-level Fixed-Point Theory
Covers all major Fixed-Point theories in detail
Introduces Fixed-Point Theory and correlates it to several topics in Analysis

This text provides an introduction to some of the best-known fixed-point theorems, with an emphasis on their interactions with topics in analysis. The level of exposition increases gradually throughout the book, building from a basic requirement of undergraduate proficiency to graduate-level sophistication. Appendices provide an introduction to (or refresher on) some of the prerequisite material and exercises are integrated into the text, contributing to the volumes ability to be used as a self-contained text. Readers will find the presentation especially useful for independent study or as a supplement to a graduate course in fixed-point theory.
The material is split into four parts: the first introduces the Banach Contraction-Mapping Principle and the Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem, along with a selection of interesting applications; the second focuses on Brouwers theorem and its application to John Nashs work; the third applies Brouwers theorem to spaces of infinite dimension; and the fourth rests on the work of Markov, Kakutani, and Ryll"Nardzewski surrounding fixed points for families of affine maps.


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