Fitness Workout Manual Books Collection | PDF | 963MB

This collection of books is complete guide to building the body you have always wanted.


1. Men's Fitness 12 Week Body Plan
2. 101 Get-Lean Workouts and Strategies (101 Workouts) Publisher: Triumph Books
3. Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding - Robert H Kennedy
4. Men's Fitness Special - Complete Guide to Home Workouts - Build Muscle - Burn Fat - Save Money
5. The Navy SEAL Weight Training Workout: The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness
6. High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men: A Fast and Easy Workout with Amazing Results
7. 101 Workouts: Build Muscle, Lose Fat & Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

8. P90X Xtreme Workout Series Fitness And Nutrition Guides - Collection
-Calendar & Phases.pdf
-Fitness Guide.pdf
-Nutrition Guides

-Daily Journal.pdf
-Intro Info.pdf
-Phase 1 - Fat Shredder.pdf
-Phase 2 - Energy Booster.pdf
-Phase 3 - Endurance Maximizer.pdf
-Quick Options.pdf

9. 101 High Intensity Workouts for Fast Results (101 Workouts) by Muscle & Fitness
10. No Gym, No Time, No Problem -Simple Fitness Solutions For Busy People
11. Body Trainer for Men: More than 125 Exercises and 100 Workouts +Nutrition Almanac
12. Men's Fitness Workout Manual - Your Guide To Building Muscle And Burning Fat 2013

+Extra (magazine)
Muscle & Fitness - USA January 2014
Men's Fitness - USA December 2013


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