Female Orgasm Insider (Company: Orgasm Arts , Creator: Jason Julius) [MP4/PDF] | 431 MB
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"Discover ALL My Most Advanced Psychological Female Orgasm Techniques That Are Guaranteed To Take Your Love Life To A Level That You Didn't Even Know Existed"

With topics that include:

The Female Orgasm Formula - My secret model I've used to troubleshoot and help thousands of people all over the planet over come even the most difficult situations. It's the most comprehensive break down of all the physical mechanics and mental emotions behind orgasms which will make you extremely potent in the bedroom.

I'm also going to give you 13 tools for getting her to an Arousal State quickly! Without knowing these 13 vital tools it's going to be nearly impossible to give her a full body orgasm 100% of the time.

I'll teach you a method for giving her Instant Orgasms On Command. This is going to be particularly helpful when you don't have time for a long sex session or maybe you just want to have a little fun with her at the grocery store or when visiting the in-laws

I'll show you how to use "Anchoring" which is a Neuro Linguistic Programming technique to fire off multiple orgasms in a row! It's like getting her in "Rapid Fire mode"... very fun.

You'll learn about "Stacking orgasms" which is the art of building orgasms up and making them happen at the same time! This technique is really going to blow her mind!

We'll talk about how to give her orgasms over the ph without touching her! Works great for when of you has to travel or she needs a little while at work.

I'll demonstrate a "Guided meditation" technique that will put her in what I call "Orgasmic State" quickly! (Getting her to Orgasmic State is vital and this technique will make it happen almost instantly)

I'm going to teach you how to spark a deep level of raw animalistic attraction and desire in any woman! This works even despite anything physical like looks or age.

I'm going to give you the 15 characteristics of the type of man that all women WANT to surrender themselves to, as well as the 10 behaviors that turn women off, that many guys do without even knowing they're doing it. When this happens she looses attraction, when she looses attraction she looses respect, and a woman will not surrender herself and let go to orgasm with a man she doesn't respect. So I'm going to help you understand how the attraction and emotions she feels towards you dictates her ability to orgasm with you.

Module 1: Female Orgasm Formula
Master the formula that breaks down all the variables for getting a woman to orgasm.

Module 2: Anchoring and Stacking
Discover how to give women orgasms on command as well as multiple orgasms at time!

Module 3: Attraction and Desire
Learn how the attraction and desire she feels toward you effects her ability to orgasm and how you can change it.

Module 4: Guided Meditation
Let's talk about how you can use Guiding Meditation to get her to Orgasmic State quickly."

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