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A Gentle Intro to Tex.pdf
A Surfer's Guide to
Abramowitz & Stegun - Handbook of Mathematical Functions [1970].pdf
Accillaro-Cidronali-Zani - Thermal Analysis of a Transistor.rtf
Adams-Brainerd-Martin-Smith-Wagener - Fortran 90 Handbook - Complete ANSI-ISO Reference [McGraw-Hill 1992].pdf
Adamsen, Paul B. - Frameworks for Complex System Development [CRC Press 2000]
Advanced Fluid Mechanics [Course Notes].pdf
Advances in Mechanical Ventilation.pdf
Airbus A3xx Simulator - Systems Manual.pdf
Aircraft Icing Handbook [2000 CAA].pdf
Aitchison, Hey. Gauge theories in particle physics vol 1 (IOP)(T)(406s).djvu
Al-Ali - Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management Step by Step [Wiley 2003].pdf
Analysis of the Vibrations of an Elastic Beam.pdf
Andersen & Vendelo - Past and Future of Information Systems [Butterworth-Heinemann 2004].pdf
Annamalai, Kalwan & Puri, Ishwar K - Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering [CRC Press 2002].pdf
ANSI-AWS A5.1-91 - Specification for Carbon Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding.pdf
ANSI-AWS A5.9-1993 - Specification for Bare Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes and Rods.pdf
ANSYS - Method of Analysis.rtf
Apostol - Calculus Vol 1 2nd Ed [Wiley 1967].pdf
Arias J.M., Lozano M. (eds.) Advanced course in modern nuclear physics (Springer, LNP 581, 2001)(T)(342s).djvu
Ashby W.R - An Introduction to Cybernetics [Chapman Hall 1956].pdf
Ashby, M.F & Js, D.R.H. - Engineering Materials 1, 2nd Ed [Butterworth & Heinmann 1996].pdf
Ashby, M.F & Js, D.R.H. - Engineering Materials 2, 2nd Ed [Butterworth & Heinmann 1998].pdf
Ashrae 1997 HVAC Fundamentals Handbook.pdf
Ashrae 1999 HVAC Applications Handbook.pdf
Ashrae 2000 HVAC Systems and Equipment Handbook.pdf
ASHRAE 2001 HVAC Fundamentals handbook.ISO
ASME B31.4 - 2002 - Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons And Other Liquids.pdf
ASME B31.5 (1992) Refrigeration piping and heat transfer.pdf
Bacal - The Managers Guide To Performance Reviews [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Baez J.C., Muniain J.P. Gauge theories, knots, and gravity (WS, 1994)(L)(T)(239s).djvu
Baez, Segal, Zhou. Introduction to Algebraic and Constructive Quantum Field Theory (PUP, 1992)(T)(154s).djvu
Balanis, Constantine A. - Antenna Theory, Analysis and Design (2nd Ed) [John Willey 1997].pdf
Ballentine L Quantum Mechanics - A Modern Development (1998)(T)(673S).djvu
Bangash - Structural Details In Concrete [Blackwell Scientific 1992].pdf
Bangerter - Beginners Guide to Advanced Marketing [2000].pdf
Barnetts Bicycle Repair Manual.pdf
Barton & Leonov - Radar Technology Encyclopedia [Artech House 1998].pdf
Bass, Michael - Handbook Of Optics Vol1 2nd Ed [McGraw-Hill 1995].pdf
Basu & Wright - Quality Beyond Six Sigma [Butterworth Heinemann 2003].pdf
Basu, Dipak - Dictionary of Material Science & High Energy Physics [CRC Press 2001].pdf
Bates - Broadband Telecommunications Handbook [Mcgraw-Hill 2000].pdf
Bates R.J. - Optical Switching And Nerking Handbook [Mcgraw-Hill 2001].pdf
BDM?1054 - Boeing Design Manual - Titanium Alloys.pdf
Beards, C - Engineering vibration analysis with apllication to control systems [Arnold 1995].pdf
Beards, C - Structural Vibration Analysis & Damping [Arnold 1996]
Beer, Johnston & Dewolf - Mechanics Of Materials Solution Manual 3rd Ed [Unknown].pdf
Bell J Speakable And Unspeakable In Quantum Mechanics (Cup, 1987)(K)(T)(225S).djvu
Belytschko - Finite Elements for Nonlinear Continua & Structures [1997]
Bentley Structural 2004 Edition aka v8.05.00.71 [found via [url]].rar[/url]
Bergeron - Essentials of Knowledge Management [Wiley 2003].pdf
Berthouex & Lewis - Statistics for Environmental Engineers 2nd Ed [CRC Press 2002].pdf
Bertrand, Ron - Online Electronics School
Bhushan - Springer Handbook of Nano-technology [Springer 2003]
Bishop, Robert H. - The Mechatronics Handbook [CRC Press 2002].pdf
Biswas - Quantum Mechanics - Concepts and Applications [1999].pdf
Bitsadze A.V. Equations of mathematical physics (Mir, 1980)(K)(318s).djvu
Bitsatze A.V. Equations of mathematical physics (Mir, 1980)(L)(T)(159s).djvu
Blackwell GR, Electronic Packaging Handbook [CRC Press 2000]
Blagojevic_M_Gravitation_and_gauge_symmetries_2002 _final_T_534s_.djvu
Blodgett-Funderberk-Miller-Qunitana - Guide to Welded Steel Construction [Lincoln Arc Welding 1999].pdf
Bokor-Hangos-Szederkenyi - Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Process Systems [Springer 2004].pdf
Bonometto_ed_Modern_cosmology_2001_compilation_T_4 82s_.djvu
Borne_Lochak_Stumpf_Nonperturbative_Quantum_Field_ Theory_and_the_Structure_of_Matter_Kluwer_2002_T_3 45s_.djvu
Bratteli_O_Robinson_D_W_Vol_1_Operator_algebras_an d_quantum_statistical_mechanics_2ed_Springer_2002_ T_520s_.djvu
Bratteli_O_Robinson_D_W_Vol_2_Operator_algebras_an d_quantum_statistical_mechanics_2ed_Springer_2002_ T_532s_.djvu
Bredensteiner - Schaums Differential Equations Crash Course [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Brent & Lazarus - The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments [Golden Press 1969].pdf
Briefcase Books - Six Sigma Managers [McGraw-Hill].pdf
Briefcase Books - What is Design for Six Sigma [McGraw-Hill].pdf
Brin, M.G. - Introduction to Differential Topology [Course Notes UNY].pdf
Brockenbrough & Merritt - Structural Steel Designer'S Handbook 3rd Ed [McGraw Hill 1999]
Brockenbrough & Merritt - Structural Steel Designer'S Handbook 3rd ed 1171p [McGraw Hill 1999].pdf
Brockenbrough & Merritt - Structural Steel Designer'S Handbook 3rd ed 1201p [McGraw Hill 1999].pdf
Broek, David - Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics [Martinus Nijhoff 1984].pdf
Bronzino - The Biomedical Engineering Handbook 2nd Ed [CRC 2000]
Brown L.S. Quantum Field Theory (CUP, 1992)(L)(T)(277s).djvu
Bruhn - Analysis And Design Of Flight Vehicles Structures.pdf
Bueche & Hecht - College Physics Crash Course, Schaums Easy Outlines [McGraw-Hill 2000].pdf
Burton-Sharpe-Jenkins-Bossanyi - Wind Energy Handbook [Wiley 2001].pdf
Butterworth - Finite element analysis of Structural Steelwork Beam to Column Bolted Connections.pdf
Calhouna-Deckro-Moore-Chrissis-Van Hove - Planning and replanning in project and production scheduling.pdf
Callan C.J. Topics in advanced quantum mechanics (Princeton lectures, 1996)(T)(189s).djvu

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