Digital-Tutors - Submerging a Scene Through Photo Manipulation
Duration: 1h 51m | Video: AVC (.flv) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz stereo | 1.6 Gb
Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English | Software used: Photoshop CS6

By utilizing the techniques and approaches applied in this tutorial, you'll be able to add another level of creativity to your own photo manipulation projects.
We'll begin this process by examining our original photo containing our head sculpture which will be the main focal point of our final scene. We'll learn how we can separate our head sculpture from it's original background by using the quick mask tool and a layer mask.
From here we'll embark of a series of lessons where will block in various photographic elements of water to create ocean waves and an underwater environment in which our head sculpture will be submerged in. Along the way we'll explore incorporating additional textures and other story-telling imagery into our submerged water concept in addition to some digital painting.

Topics Include:
1. Introduction and project overview
2. Masking out the head
3. Blocking in ocean surface water
4. Blocking in underwater photographic elements
5. Adjusting the values of the submerged of the head
6. Painting in additional underwater elements
7. Painting textures on our submerged head
8. Adjusting the underwater lighting
9. Painting splashing water around our submerged head
10. Incorporating the sky and horizon
11. Painting in additional colors
12. Adjusting the depth of field


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