Digital-Tutors Painting Workflows for 3D Assets in Photoshop CS6 2013
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Photoshop has long been the king when it comes to editing 2D images. In fact, many 3D artists have come to use it as their primary application for painting texture maps on their 3D assets. With the introduction of Photoshop CS6 Extended and it?s new Mercury graphics engine and enhanced 3D tools, painting textures for 3D assets in Photoshop has never been easier.

In this tutorial, we explore texturing a 3D asset from start to finish primarily in Photoshop?s 3D space. We?ll not only explore different methods of working but we?ll also learn about tools and techniques that will help make you successful immediately. You will be surprised at how well your 2D painting skills translate into 3D space using the tools in Photoshop that you already know.

By the end of this Photoshop training, we will have created texture maps for diffuse, bump and specular data for our model.

Painting Workflows for 3D Assets in Photoshop CS6 content:

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Setting up our model for painting
3. Adjusting lighting so it is painter friendly
4. Painting base diffuse colors: Laying down initial paint
5. Painting base diffuse colors: Blocking in a base skin texture
6. Painting base diffuse colors: Adding contrast to the face
7. Painting base diffuse colors: Detailing around the eyes
8. Painting base diffuse colors: Cracks and crevices
9. Painting base diffuse colors: Adding a texture to the eyes
10. Painting base diffuse colors: Adding markings to the back and head
11. Mirroring details from side of the head to the other
12. Painting a bump map
13. Creating specular maps
14. Saving maps out of Photoshop


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