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So if all the GKIC and Dan Kennedy content you have been absorbing is the ammo, this is the gun that is going help you blast the prospects and sell them the high-priced programs they are demanding. Another great find from biztguy. If you are the slightest bit hesitant about this then take a look at the pitch video from web page (I have included it in this torrent!). Easy on the ratio, huge value. This is a $2997 product. MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION
Here are a few DETAILS about what’s included in this Package – please read carefully…

(1) The SIX EXCLUSIVITY FORMATS – you’ll choose one or a hybrid for your Programs.
(2) The Chinese Menu Method of building your Program.
(3) The ONE THING layered on top that sends price sky-high.
(4) In-Depth Look At: The Non-Franchise Franchise.
(5) In-Depth Look At: CoachingPlus (with done for them services).
(6) Giant Income Breakthrough: How To Legally And Ethically Sell The Same Area More Than Once.
(7) The Insider Secret Of: When Is An Exclusive Area Not Exclusive? – How To Avoid Franchising And Territory Enforcement.
(8) Exact Script/Contract Language governing what is being provided similar to(but not actually a) geographic exclusive. (Page 19).
(9) The Dan Kennedy Discovery Meeting Method Of Sale.
(10) The Seminar Method Of Sale.
(11) The Host/Parasite/JV Method Of Sale.
(12) The ‘Road Show’ Method Of Sale.
(13) The One-On-One Method Of Sale.
(14) Pros/Cons, Reasons For/Against The Different Methods Of Sale.
(15) “The Challenges Of Selling Turf”/Commonly Made, Costly Mistakes NOT To Make.
(16) How To Create Maximum Urgency To Buy Now. (A Big Secret’s On Page 30.)
(17)An Unexpected Discovery We Made That Can Turn A Million Dollar Business Into A Ten-Million Dollar Business (Page 33).
(18)To Actually Franchise Or Not To Franchise? – 12 Reasons For, 5 Against; What You Need To Know To Make The Right Choices.
(19) NINE Major Marketing Mistakes & Acts Of Self-Sabotage To Avoid.
(20) Price Decisions.
(21) Financing Options.
(22) How To Pre-Qualify Prospects And Make Them Sell You On Letting Them In.
(23) How One Client Went From Zero To One-Hundred In A New Coaching Program Almost Overnight.
(24) How To Put Done-For-Them Services ‘Behind A Wall’ And Create Enormous Pain Of Disconnect.
(25) Scott Tucker’s ‘Big Box’ Promotion. (Page 206).
(26) Cost Of Sale: What To Expect, How To Think About The Numbers.
(27) A Major Secret For Properly Positioning Your Program As An Irresistible Opportunity. (Page 222).
(28) The Four Hurdles Of Skepticism And How To Overcome Them. What Are Prospects Really Afraid Of (It’s Not What You Think).
(29) 12 Elements Of Sales Copy That Sells Opportunity.
(30) The One Thing You Need To ‘Fine Tune’ To Sell Big Ticket Programs. (Page 252).
(32) The Secret Reason Howard Hughes Stayed In The Movie Business After Losing 9-Million Dollars (& Why Knowing This Will Alter The Way You Sell Forever).
(33) How To Push A Prospect Past “Think It Over’ Or ‘Talk It Over With Others’ (Page 268).
(34) How To Design, Structure, Price And Present Your Program.
(35) COMPLETE & ACTUAL EXAMPLES Of Lead Generation Letters, Sales Letters, ‘What’s Included’ Lists And Other Documents.
(36) Transcript & Overheads Of My ‘Opportunity Presentation.’
(37) Copywriting….Group Sales Presentation…One On One Presentation Strategies.
(38) A revealing of ACTUAL behind—scenes, insider strategies producing incredible results more frank, candid and complete than anybody ever gives about their business!
(39) Summary of Dan’s 30 years’ helping clients sell multi-millions of dollars of many different kind of programs – with his “opportunity pitches”.

1 Manual – Transcripts
1 Manual – Attendees Examples
1 Manual - Hand-Out From Dan Kennedy
1 set 7 CDs

Anyone Interested in Making HUGE Sums of Money by Discovering How to Structure and Market Area Exclusive Programs, Premium Priced Coaching, Services, Hybrids, or Franchises can NOT Afford to Miss This…

CHRIS HURN, MERCANTILE COMMERCIAL CAPITAL: “I devoured Dan’s Area Exclusive/High-End Coaching Program in about 10 days…..followed the instructions….and produced a 92.89% closing rate from the front of the room for our first beta group. We expect to close out all our areas within a year using the Summit/Discovery Days plan. This has transformed our business and I wouldn’t go back.”

DR. JEFF HOCKINGS, CASH PRACTICE SYSTEM.COM: “Using the exact strategies from Dan’s Area Exclusive Program, I quickly created my own program for chiropractors. I just had my first Discovery Day and sold all three doctors in attendance. My next Discovery Day is in 4 weeks, already 4 doctors signed up. This is by far the most incredible resource I have ever purchased from Dan. Thanks Dan!”
(*Dr. Hockings’ Program is a $30,000.00 item, so his first day was a $90,000.00 day, plus on-going continuity income.)

GREG RAMSLER, PEELTOSAVE.COM: “…the most behind the scenes info Dan has ever released…”

Anyone Interested in Making HUGE Sums of Money by Discovering How to Structure and Market Area Exclusive Programs, Premium Priced Coaching, Services, Hybrids, or Franchises can NOT Afford to Miss This…

This is appropriate (actually mandatory) if:

(a) You are already selling some type of high-priced product(s),service(s), coaching, etc. and are interested in finding better(and more profitable) ways to package and present it.

(b) You are seriously considering selling some type of high-priced product(s), service(s), coaching, etc. and are interested in discovering the best (and most profitable) ways to package and present it to earn maximum revenue right from the start.

There is NO OTHER OPPORTUNITY to see firsthand what is being done with exceptional success, hear from people doing it, examine different options including actual franchising, and hear Dan and his hand-picked experts answer questions.

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