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Spend 28 days with Sue Bryce! In this unique event, Sue Bryce is giving you the unprecedented chance to spend whole month with her learning every aspect of her business: how to shoot, connecting with your subjects, posing, lighting, marketing, business�everything you need to learn to run a photography business like Sue Bryce.

We'll kick off the event with days of teaching LIVE from Las Vegas on March 8 and 9. Then each day for 28 days after that we'll post hour-long video recorded by Sue, teaching a different aspect of her business and issuing a challenge to you. We'll then come together in April for more live day in studio to wrap up the event. Take those challenges, learn the skills, and create a business like Sue Bryce!

This workshop is unlike anything creativeLIVE has ever d before. Sue has created a set of 28 challenges that, if successfully mastered, will let you create a photography business the Sue Bryce way. The access and in-depth training that Sue is providing is being presented in an unusual way for creativeLIVE, so here's a detailed explanation of how 28 Days with Sue will play out!

On March 8th and 9th, we're kicking off 28 Days with Sue with a day broadcast LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada! During these days, Sue will lay out the plan for the 28 Days and address some of the fears and objections that come up for photographers who are trying to build up their own business. These days will be in the format that you're used to if you've watched creativeLIVE before. She'll talk live, and you'll have the ability to participate in the chat rooms and ask your questions through the onscreen chat hosts.

After that live event, the 28 Days begin in earnest. For 28 days in a row starting March 11th we will post a new challenge video on our website each day. In that video, Sue will issue a challenge on a different topic for you to master, and tell why she thinks that topic is important. These challenge videos will be free for any who enrolls in the course to watch. These challenges are the backb of the 28 Days program, and it's free to enroll in the course�just go to the course page and click the green ENROLL button.

For those who invest in and purchase the course, each day we will also post an hour-long prerecorded video of Sue teaching about that day's topic. Through shooting sessions and direct teaching, Sue dives deep into each topic and shows you every aspect of how they work. She'll cover shooting and posing, marketing and business, sales and products�everything you need to know to run a contemporary glamour and portrait business. Because of the 28 segment breakdown, Sue is able to get more into the details and nuances of each topic than she ever has before! To see the full list of topics covered, check out the list on the course page.

In addition to those instructional videos, Sue will also be providing a number of bonus materials to supplement the teaching for each day for people who purchase the course. These bonus materials will include posing guide PDFs, bonus videos, keynote PDFs, posing maps, and more. Sue is really giving it all!

If you follow along with the course, taking on the challenges that Sue issues each day, you may have questions. To provide a chance for you to ask Sue about those issues, we'll be holding a weekly free LIVE Q&A session during the 28 days. Once a week Sue will talk briefly about the past week's challenges, answer questions from the online audience, and set up the next week's set of challenges. This is your opportunity to ask Sue about everything that comes up in the 28 days videos, so save your questions throughout the week! Enroll in the course to get email reminders about these Q&A sessions.

Finally, after all 28 videos have been posted, on April 8th Sue will come back into the creativeLIVE studios here in Seattle to broadcast a final, free LIVE wrap-up session to pull everything you've learned during the course all together.

Session 1 March 8, 2013
28 Days Kickoff, Live from Las Vegas Day 1

Session 2 March 9, 2013
28 Days Kickoff, Live from Las Vegas Day 2

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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.