CMS Forex Trading Power Course
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The Foreign Exchange market (also referred to as the Forex or FX market) is the largest financial market in the world.From analyzing economic reports and chart patterns, the individual trader attempts to determine trends in the values of currencies. A trader speculates on the fluctuation in exchange rates by buying and selling currency pairs.In this course you will find a great forex course in 18 vids lasting approximately 21 ? hours. You will find also 20 accompanying pdf files, each for every vid.

Presenters: Nugzar Dzodzuashvili, Fan Yang

Here the list of what you get:

01 Trendlines beginner = Duration = 56m 19s, 25p
02 Trendlines intermediate, advanced = 57m 31s, 18p
03 Moving Averages beginner = 1h 00m 29s, 15p
04 Moving Averages intermediate, advanced = 1h 14m 15s, 11p
05 Trade Management ATR = 1h 15m 42s, 15p
06 Trade Management Parabolic = 51m 30s, 13p
07 Channel Indicators = 1h 15m 21s, 15p
08 Oscillators beginner = 1h 24m 44s, 16p
09 Oscillators intermediate, advanced = 1h 20m 46s, 12p
10 Japanese Candlesticks Intro = 1h 26m 55s, 13p
11 Home Work Review 010709 = 36m 47s, 13p
12 Price Patterns beginner = 1h 44m 20s, 11p
13 Price Patterns intermediate, advanced = 1h 14m 59s, 10p
14 Japanese Candlesticks Continued = 1h 06m 58s, 10p
15 Bollinger Bands Revisited (missing video) = 12p
16 Home Work Review 012909 = 1h 13m 45s, 13p
17 Elliott Wave Intro = 1h 00m 32s, 18p
18 System Design Principles = 55m 09s, 11p
19 Risk money management (missing video) = 8p
20 Course Review = 1h 56m 24s, 34p

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