CG Workshops - Python in Houdini
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Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate
Experienced Houdini pipeline developer Robby Thomas joins the CGWorkshops teaching team with his inaugural 8 week, fully-mentored workshop, Python in Houdini.

This is a course aimed at intermediate students, so if you have a beginner level understanding of Houdini and you want to learn how to get as much as you can out of it, this workshop is for you. Work with Robby as he takes you through the process of learning useful SOPs, expressions and functions and helps you put them into practice with weekly assignments and feedback. You'll discover tool building philosophy and how to create an OTL, before integrating it with Python. Finally, you'll look at streamling your set-up with Python SOP's.

Robby has spent his career working in Houdini, and the last four years working at Digital Domain - don't miss this chance to learn from of the best.

Week 1: Introduction

- Videos
? Introduction to the course
? Basic Houdini interface review
? Designing setups for tool building
? Python integration in Houdini
? Python overview
? Reading input and displaying information using Python in Houdini (hou.ui)

Week 2: OTLs Part 1

- Videos
? Tool building philosophy
? How to create an OTL
? Parameters
? Menu Parameters

Week 3: OTLs Part 2

- Videos
? Using editable nodes
? Python in OTLs (including event handling)
? Writing wiki help for your OTL
? Managing OTLs using the operator type manager

Week 4: Houdini Python API Part 1

- Videos
? Working with nerks
? Parameters
? User data

Week 5: Houdini Python API Part 2

- Videos
? Advanced parameters in python
? Python Expressions
? When to use Python expressions

Week 6: Setting Parameters in Locked OTLs

- Videos
? Method 1: Live Values
? Method 2: User Data

Week 7: Python Operators

- Videos
? Creating a Python SOP
? Attributes
? Creating and modifying geometry

Week 8: Shelf tools

- Videos
? Shelf Tools
? When to use shelf tools and when not to
? Working with the viewport in python

- Homework
? Create shelf tool that generates a new core setup node

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