CBT Nuggets - COMPTIA A+ 220-801 AND 220-802
Updated for 2012
6.20 GB | English | .Flv | 800x600 | AAC 256 Kbits | 35 hours
Genre: Computer and Nerk, IT-Training

A+ certification is your critical first step as you move into IT. Make sure you're ready for the required A+ exams by watching this video series from tech guru James Conrad, updated for the new 220-801 and 220-802 exams.

James takes you into the PC hardware nitty-gritty, and backs it up with abundant product photos. He also grounds you in nerking technology and covers essential Windows topics you'll use every day (like backup, recovery and storage).

Using the core material from 220-701 and 220-702, this series contains an additional 13 videos of brand-new content to offer a comprehensive training on concepts and skills needed for the 220-801 and 220-802 exams. By the time you've finished this series, you'll be ready for the 220-801 and 220-802 exams, and have the technical knowledge you need as you take your next big step into computer technology.

Course Outline

PC Overview
Tools and ESD
Motherboards Part 1: Architecture and Form Factors
Motherboards Part 2: Tour of Parts and Compnts
Motherboards Part 3: Assembly/Disassembly, Diagnose/Repair
Buses and Expansion Slots
Resources and Ports
Peripherals and Input
Audio, Video, Cameras
Storage Part 1
Storage Part 2
Storage Part 3
Storage Part 4
CPU Part 1
CPU Part 2
Printers Part 1: Types
Printers Part 2: Connections, Installation, Sharing
Printers Part 3: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Laptops Part 1
Laptops Part 2
Installation Part 1
Installation Part 2
Interface and Compatibility
Windows Files
Users, Groups, File Resources
Windows Tools and Diagnostics Part 1
Windows Tools and Diagnostics Part 2
Windows Troubleshooting Part 1
Windows Troubleshooting Part 2
Troubleshooting and Procedure
Nerking Part 1
Nerking Part 2
Nerking Part 3
Nerking Part 4
Nerking Part 5
Nerking Part 6
Nerking Part 7
Security Part 1
Security Part 2
Customer Service
Windows 7
2012 Update: Troubleshooting Part 1
2012 Update: Troubleshooting Part 2
2012 Update: Hardware
2012 Update: Sockets and CPUs
2012 Update: Display
2012 Update: Nerking
2012 Update: Evaluating Custom Configurations
2012 Update: Laptops and Printers
2012 Update: Virtualization
2012 Update: Mobile Devices
2012 Update: Dealing with Prohibited Content/Activity
2012 Update: Security

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