Blender Inside Out: Introducing Blender for experienced 3D Artists
English | AVC1 1920x1080 30 fps | AAC 318 Kbps 44.1 KHz | 6.40 GB
Genre: eLearning | Level: Advanced
This training DVD is intended for experienced 3D artists that wish to quickly learn and adapt to Blender. Through this DVD you will become familiar with many of the standard tools Blender offers, be introduced to the way Blender works and be given a tour of many of the bells and whistles Blender offers through it's advanced feature set.

This training has been created and reviewed by professional artists with a wealth of experience with commercial 3D packages.

Training Outline

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Touring the interface, the key basics to survive Blender quickly: Selections, transforms, and search!

Chapter 2: Making Blender work for you
Customizing the UI, preferences and changing shortcuts.

Chapter 3: Mesh Modeling
Based on common tools and metaphors from other programs, the Blender modeler is being explained in 20 short sections.

Chapter 4: UV Unwrapping
It is commonly known that the Blender UV tools are world class. These tutorials will quickly explain how it works.

Chapter 5: Using Blender�s Animation System
Blender has everything a modern 3D animtor and rigger would need; this chapter gives the big picture of the Blender timeline, dope sheet, graph editor, working with key-frames and animation curves.

Chapter 6: Materials, Lighting and Rendering
Both Blender render engines are being introduced, including the new BRDF node shaders and the Cycles raytrace engine.

Chapter 7: Using Add-ons for Extra Functionality
Using Python, artists and TDs can configure and create advanced tools to optimize workflow.

Chapter 8: Solving Common Problems and Tips for Success
Perfection does not exist; also Blender has half working features and bugs. This chapter shows some of the current issues, bypasses and especially how to get support and your issues solved!

Chapter 9: Bells and Whistles
The show-off chapter; Blender offers a wealth of world-class features. Did you know that Bullet Physics was created by a Blender developer and was added to Blender in 2005 already?

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