BeachBody: Hip Hop Abs - Shaun T (6 Workouts Set)
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"Hey, I'm Sean T. You may not know, but once I was 23 pounds heavier. I lost weight, just dancing and having fun at their program Hip Hop Abs. That's right, I got a flat and amazing news without exercise on the floor. I can not wait for the moment to share with you my fitness and diet-secrets.I'll show you my technique, "tilts, swivels and lifts» («Tilt, Tuck & Tighten»), for the appearance of six-pack on your press and burning fat throughout the body, and do not worry if you can not dance, I teach you my movements step by step, so that you can go to clubs, having obtained a new and hot body in no time!
You will receive 4 amazing workout!
Secrets flat stomach Sean shares with us through their exclusive method of teaching based on the top and bottom of the press, as well as the oblique abdominal muscles, burning fat from these areas. Simply rotate, skew, and tighten your abs and you'll be on your way to a flat, sexual tummy (13 minutes). fat burning cardio - it's not aerobics video with your mom. Burn calories and fat you heat, doing a funny dance moves of hip-hop under the fiery music that you listen to the radio (30 minutes). Sculptor press. Here Sean shares with you his special hand movements in the performance for the press and give you the most cherished six cubes, which you have always dreamed of, without a "sit-rose" or twisting. (24 minutes). burning fat throughout the body - training that integrates a combination of cardio movements that will "sculpt" your body from head to toe by drawing up more press movements. Have fun, while you will burn fat, gaining a more slender and toned body. (43 minutes).

Buttocks and thighs - Be ready to pull up and put in the form of those "stubborn" problem areas. But you will no longer perform those boring squats and lunges, I promise! We're going to get you back into your skinny jeans FAST! (25 minutes).

Creating a tight upper and lower abs, you both will seek to work through problem areas of the lower body. Forget boring lunges and squats. Dynamic motion Shonovskogo Hip-Hop, which are similar to the motion, as if he has a car, or just fooling around, not only will give a great result, but from the soul you have fun. So, now you can make your hips slim, having issued their beautiful muscles, tighten your buttocks and back into their skinny jeans FAST! last minute for the press - on Ready, Set, Go! Just give Shaun 5 minutes and you are guaranteed to get a quick, effective and fun workout for the press. Also, while you're singing aloud the famous melody that sounds in this training. After a workout, you will discover that got hold of a great press. This short training session will be indispensable if you have a little time, but still make the work your tummy in those six blocks.

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