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Fanaroff and Martin's Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine - Diseases of the Fetus and Infant 9th ed. - R. Martin, et al., (Mosby, 2011) WW.pdf
Finite Element Methods for Integrodifferential Equations - C. Chuanmiao, S. Tsimin (World, 1998) WW.pdf
Four Lectures on Real Hp Spaces - S. Lu (World, 1995) WW.pdf
Fourier Series in Orthogonal Polynomials - B. Osilenker (World, 1999) WW.pdf
Fractional Order Systems - Modeling and Control Applns. [nonlin sci] - R. Captto, et al., (World, 2010) WW.pdf
Frontiers of Applied and Computational Mathematics - D. Blackmore, et al., (World, 2008) WW.pdf
Fundamentals of Engineering Programming with C and Fortran - H. Myler (Cambridge, 1998) WW.pdf
Fundamentals of Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies - K. Wong (Wiley, 2012) WW.pdf
Galaxies and How to Observe Them - W. Steinicke, R. Jakiel (Springer, 2007) WW.pdf
General Mathematics - Revision and Practice 2nd ed. - D. Rayner (Oxford, 1988) WW.pdf
Global Health and Global Health Ethics - S. Benatar, G. Brock (Cambridge, 2011) WW.pdf
Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems - Y. Yih (CRC, 2011) WW.pdf
Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Principles and Techniques 2nd ed. - R. Buxton (Cambridge, 2009) WW.pdf
Introduction to Semiconductor Devices - For Computing and Telecom. Applns. - K. Brennan (Cambridge, 2005) WW.pdf
Jet Propulsion - A Simple Guide to the Aerodyn. and Thermodyn. Design, Perf. of Jet Engines 2nd ed. - N. Cumpsty (Cambridge, 2003) WW.pdf
L'Osservazi Delle Stelle Variabili - G. Good [ITALIAN] (Springer, 2008) WW.pdf
Lobsters - Biology, Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries - B. Phillips (Blackwell, 2006) WW.pdf
Magic Universe - A Grand Tour of Modern Science - N. Calder (Oxford, 2003) WW.pdf
Manufacturing Automation - Metal Cutting Mechanics, Machine Tool Vibrations, CNC Design 2nd ed. - Y. Altintas (Cambridge, 2012) WW.pdf
Marijuana and Madness 2nd ed. - D. Castle, R. Murray, D. D'Souza (Cambridge, 2012) WW.pdf
Mathematical Modelling for Earth Sciences - X. Yang (Dunedin, 2008) WW.pdf
Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Process and Energy Systems - F. Knopf (Wiley, 2012) WW.pdf
Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water - N. Savage, et al., (William Andrew, 2009) WW.pdf
Neurology Secrets 5th ed. - L. Rolak (Mosby, 2010) WW.pdf
Organic Chemistry 8th ed. - L. Wade (Pearson, 2013) WW.pdf
Ovarian Stimulation - M. Aboulghar, B. Rizk (Cambridge, 2011) WW.pdf
Pain-Free Biochemistry - An Essential Guide for the Health Sciences - P. Engel (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009) WW.pdf
Pediatric Endocrinology 5th ed. [Vol. 1] - F. Lifshitz (Informa, 2007) WW.pdf
Pediatric Endocrinology 5th ed. [Vol. 2] - F. Lifshitz (Informa, 2007) WW.pdf
Photoprotection in Plants - Optical Screening-based Mechanisms - A. Solovchenko (Springer, 2010) WW.pdf
Physics and Applications of Negative Refractive Index Materials - S. Ramakrishna, et al., (CRC, 2009) WW.pdf
Physiological Systems in Insects 2nd ed. - M. Klowden (AP, 2007) WW.pdf
Physiology 5th ed. - R. Berne, et. al., (Mosby, 2007) WW.chm
Polymers for Regenerative Medicine [advs in polymer sci 203] - C. Werner (Springer, 2006) WW.pdf
Principles of Virology [Vols. 1 and 2] 3rd ed. - S. Flint, et al., (ASM Press, 2009) WW.pdf
Problems and Solutions in Euclidean Geometry - M. Aref, W. Wernick (Dover, 1968) WW.pdf
Prostate Cancer [Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series] - L. Su (Saunders, 2010) WW.pdf
Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject - Sel. Writings of Klaus Holzkamp - K. Holzkamp, E. Schraube (Macmillan, 2013) WW.pdf
Relativity - The Special and the General Theory [Masterpiece Sci. Ed.] - A. Einstein, R. Penrose, R. Geroch, D. Cassidy (Pi, 2005) WW.pdf
Research Directions in Tumor Angiogenesis - J. Chai (Intech, 2013) WW.pdf
Respiratory Disease and Infection - A New Insight - B. Mahboub (Intech, 2013) WW.pdf
Semiconductor Quantum Optics - M. Kira, S. Koch (Cambridge, 2012) WW.pdf
Separation Process Principles 3rd ed. [chem eng] - J. Seader, E. Henley, D. Roper (Wiley, 2011) WW.pdf
Skin Grafts - M. Gore (Intech, 2013) WW.pdf
Soft X-Rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation - Principles and Applications [mtls sci] - D. Atod (Cambridge, 1999) WW.pdf
Synthetic Diamond Films - Preparation, Electrochem., Characterization, Applns. [mtls sci] - E. Brillas, et al., (Wiley, 2011) WW.pdf
The Analysis of Burned Human Remains - C. Schmidt, S. Symes (AP, 2008) WW.pdf
The Cable and Telecomm. Professionals' Reference [Vol 1 - PSTN, IP, Cellular Ntwks., Math. Techniques] 3rd ed. - G. Hill (Focal, 2007) WW.pdf
The Circuits and Filters Handbook 2nd ed. - W. Chen (CRC, 2003) WW.pdf
The Geometry of Special Relativity - A Concise Course - N. Dragon (Springer, 2012) WW.pdf
The PIC Microcontroller - Your Personal Introductory Course 3rd ed. - J. Morton (Newnes, 2005) WW.pdf
The Rough Guide to the Brain - B. Gibb (Rough Guides, 2007) WW.pdf
The Species Problem - Ongoing Issues - I. Pavlinov (Intech, 2013) WW.pdf
The Sun and How to Observe It - J. Jenkins (Springer, 2009) WW.pdf
The Uncertainty in Physical Measurements - An Intro. to Data Analysis in the Physics Lab. - P. Fornasini (Springer, 2008) WW.pdf
Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia - F. Arbona, et al., (Cambridge, 20011) WW.pdf
Understanding Microelectronics - A Top-Down Approach - F. Maloberti (Wiley, 2012) WW.pdf
WiMAX Security and Quality of Service - An End-to-End Perspective - S. Tang, et al., (Wiley, 2010) WW.pdf

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