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This is the information you ve been looking for. There is simply nothing else like it.

In this video, Doug Simons will teach you the herbs and simple techniques that are all natural, easy, and highly effective:

How to truly clean your teeth
How to make your own tooth powder
How to prevent and heal cavities
How to treat abscessed teeth
How to reverse gum disease
Information on root canals
Fluoride, is it good or bad?

Your teeth are alive! We explore tooth health in depth with the focus of how to prevent tooth/gum issues, as well as how to deal with common tooth ailments such as cavities and acute tooth infections. Doug teaches very simple yet powerful techniques in which students learn to empower themselves through personal tooth care.

so I got this disc a while back b4 I uploaded it
I wanted to be sure it works,it works! I am living proof of it
the info contained is this disc should be taught in elementary school
there is not anyone that can't benefit from the knowledge contained in this upload
make copies give it to your friends and family and save some $$$
I am not able to really upload to any private sites except for 1
so if you can then please upload it there

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