50 for Your Future: Lessons from Down the Road
Tavis Smiley, ""
ISBN: 1401948391 | 2016 | EPUBPDF | 208 pages | 27+11 MB

Stepping into your authentic life can be difficult, but rest assured you're not the first one to walk this path . . .
On these gorgeously illustrated pages, media mogul and social entrepreneur Tavis Smiley shares 50 nuggets of wisdom he's gleaned while rising from humble roots to become a critically acclaimed host of television and radio, as well as an impactful philanthropist. Through his relationships with cultural luminaries such as Maya Angelou and Quincy Jones, and personal mentors such as Rosa Parks, Peter Jennings, and Smiley's own sagacious grandmother "Big Mama"-not to mention the lumps he's taken along the way-Smiley has learned how to avoid pitfalls like fear and convenience, and claim your best life.
Here, Smiley offers both guidebook and toolkit to help you get on track, whether you're just setting out on your own, or you need a course correction to keep marching toward your dreams.


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