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Thread: 4500 Sci-fi Fantasy Epub Book Collection

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    4500 Sci-fi Fantasy Epub Book Collection

    4500 Sci-fi Fantasy Epub Book Collection [2.04 GB ]

    Books : Fiction : English
    This is a sci-fi/fantasy heavy share, epub formatted, great for first time calibre users... just replace the original library folder with this, and start calibre. Fore warning, I did take some liberties with "authors," the larger worlds (Star Trek, Star Wars, Forgotten Realms, etc.) are authors, for sorting and grouping convenience. There are several hard to find authors and books, but this archive is by no means complete. Not all of these books have been cleaned, formatted and checked (there maybe a few headache reads buried in the stack) you have been warned...


    Rachel Aaron - The Spirit Thief
    Rachel Aaron - The Spirit Rebellion
    Joe Abercrombie - Blade Itself
    Joe Abercrombie - Before They Are Hanged
    Joe Abercrombie - Last Argument of Kings
    Joe Abercrombie - Best Served Cold
    Joe Abercrombie - The Heroes
    Dominique Adair - Seducing Jane Porter
    Dominique Adair - Educating Jane Porter
    Dominique Adair - Reinventing Jane Porter
    Cat Adams - Blood Song
    Cat Adams - Siren Song
    Cat Adams - Demon Song
    Douglas Adams - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
    Douglas Adams - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
    Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Douglas Adams - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
    Douglas Adams - Life, the Universe, and Everything
    Douglas Adams - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
    Douglas Adams - Mostly Harmless
    Douglas Adams - The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time
    Douglas Adams - Last chance to see--
    Douglas Adams - Starship Titanic
    Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman - The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Patrick H. Adkins - Lord of the Crooked Paths
    Patrick H. Adkins - Master of the Fearfull Dephts
    Patrick H. Adkins - Sons of the Titans
    Lara Adrian - Kiss of Midnight
    Lara Adrian - Kiss of Crimson
    Lara Adrian - Midnight Awakening
    Lara Adrian - Midnight Rising
    Lara Adrian - Veil of Midnight
    Lara Adrian - Ashes of Midnight
    Lara Adrian - Shades of Midnight
    Lara Adrian - Taken by Midnight
    Lara Adrian - Deeper Than Midnight
    Lara Adrian - Darker After Midnight
    Ann Aguirre - Blue Diablo
    Ann Aguirre - Hell Fire
    Ann Aguirre - Enclave
    Ann Aguirre - Grimspace
    Ann Aguirre - Wanderlust
    Ann Aguirre - Doubleblind
    Ann Aguirre - Killbox
    Tim Akers - The Horns of Ruin
    Lloyd Alexander - The Book of Three
    Lloyd Alexander - The Black Cauldron
    Lloyd Alexander - The Castle of Llyr
    Lloyd Alexander - Taran Wanderer
    Lloyd Alexander - The High King
    Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy
    Jessica Andersen - Nightkeepers
    Jessica Andersen - Dawnkeepers
    Jessica Andersen - Skykeepers
    Jessica Andersen - Demonkeepers
    Jessica Andersen - Blood Spells
    Jessica Andersen - Storm Kissed
    Ilona Andrews - On the Edge
    Ilona Andrews - Bayou Moon
    Ilona Andrews - Fate's Edge
    Ilona Andrews - Magic Bites
    Ilona Andrews - Magic Burns
    Ilona Andrews - Magic Strikes
    Ilona Andrews - Magic Bleeds
    Ilona Andrews - Magic Slays
    Ilona Andrews - Silent Blade
    Ilona Andrews - Silver Shark
    Vivi Andrews - Serengeti Heat
    Vivi Andrews - Serengeti Storm
    Vivi Andrews - Serengeti Lightning
    Vivi Andrews - Serengeti Sunrise
    Piers Anthony - Split Infinity
    Piers Anthony - Blue Adept
    Piers Anthony - Juxtaposition
    Piers Anthony - Out of Phaze
    Piers Anthony - Robot Adept
    Piers Anthony - Unicorn Point
    Piers Anthony - Phaze Doubt
    Piers Anthony - SOS the Rope
    Piers Anthony - Var the Stick
    Piers Anthony - Neq the Sword
    Piers Anthony - Refugee
    Piers Anthony - Mercenary
    Piers Anthony - Politician
    Piers Anthony - Executive
    Piers Anthony - Statesman
    Piers Anthony - Iron Maiden
    Piers Anthony - Key to Havoc
    Piers Anthony - Key to Chroma
    Piers Anthony - Key to Destiny
    Piers Anthony - Key To Liberty
    Piers Anthony - Key to Survival
    Piers Anthony - Chthon
    Piers Anthony - Phthor
    Piers Anthony - Cluster
    Piers Anthony - Chaining the Lady
    Piers Anthony - Kirlian Quest
    Piers Anthony - Thousandstar
    Piers Anthony - Viscous Circle
    Piers Anthony - Dragon's Gold
    Piers Anthony - Serpents's Silver
    Piers Anthony - Chimaera's Copper
    Piers Anthony - Orc's Opal
    Piers Anthony - Mouvar's Magic
    Piers Anthony - Isle of Woman
    Piers Anthony - Shame of Man
    Piers Anthony - Hope of Earth
    .................................................. .......
    and much much more


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    Only the registered members can see the download links/content. pleaseĀ Register to gain full access.

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    Great collection!

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